I believe that no actual objects space actually (exactly) 1 meter long, because for other to it is in 1.00000000... Meters long, us would need to have the capability to measure with infinite precision. Obviously, this can be prolonged to any units that measurement. Am i wrong?



You\"re no wrong. However, there supplied to be things exactly $1$ meter lengthy until 1960, since a meter to be defined to be the length of a certain platinum-iridium rod at particular conditions. Due to the fact that then, the meter is identified in terms of interferometry, and now it is especially the street traversed by irradiate in vacuum in ~ a certain duration of time.

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Similarly, the kilogram has a prototype whose mass is $1$ kg through definition. There space some suggest to change that definition, however it hasn\"t to be done yet.

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1 kg is identified as the fixed of a details reference massive in France. So over there is at least one thing that weighs precisely 1 kg.

Furthermore, it might in basic be possible to construct an arbitrary number of objects which weigh 1kg exactly. Assuming every Si atoms have actually the very same mass, one can simply specify the kilogram to be the massive of a certain variety of Si atoms.

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In Nature the just exact present of a number is thru $\\mathbbN$ i.e. counting . I suspect that they are called \"Naturals\" since of that. To all the various other numbers us only gain aproximations. Also when identified to it is in the exact length/weight the a specific physical object the measure the it will certainly be within a specific range the values, $\\pm$Angstrom. Another example: over there is no a single realization in the universe that exchange mail to the number $\\pi$. Numbers room menthal constructs.

How carry out we measure ? Obtaining a ratio in between the amount that is to be measured and the quantity of a selected standard. If both amounts readjust equally, the measure up (ratio) save constant, i.e. The constancy of a measure is not a guarantee that the nature of \"objects\" execute not change.

Atomic measures are number counts:

We will now see the the measures of bodies\" properties making use of atomic units are independent that the base quantities and dependent on the number of particles or atoms.

An atom unit of massive is the massive of a certain variety of baryons; the measure of the fixed of a body making use of atomic units is thus a number proportional to the variety of baryons that the human body (this is not precise statement yet it offer the demands of this work). If the fixed of baryons changes, so will the fixed unit and also the fixed of the body; the measure up holds invariant since the number of baryons did no change. Therefore, a measure up of the mass of a body using atomic systems is usually a baryon count, holding invariant as lengthy as the number of baryons does no change, separately of the eventual adjust of baryons\" mass. The very same kind of reasoning uses to fee measures. In what concerns length measures, the length unit is such the the measures of length of diverted bodies hold invariant; this is no the way length unit is official defined, however this is a problem it needs to obey to be acceptable, in order to fit Einstein\"s measuring rod or reference-body, translated in the time invariance that Bohr radius. So, we deserve to say the the atomic size unit is a solved multiple that the Bohr radius; if the last varies, so will bodies\" length and also the unit that length, holding invariant the actions of bodies\" length. Therefore, size measures room a method of counting atoms, the measures of the length of bodies holding invariant as long as the number of atoms does so, for bodies and measuring gadgets subject come the very same conditions.

The above reasoning reflects that the steps of mass, charge and length the bodies space independent the the mass and also charge of primary school particles and also of atoms\" radii, tracing only the variety of particles or atoms.

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To any kind of measure (ratio) the is not derived thru straight counting one error margin is existing (explicit or implicit) .