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One Bright day in the center of the Night - (2010)


Anonymous text

for medium voice and piano

One bright work in the center of the night, Two dead boys got up to fight. Castle turned their backs and also faced every other, drew their swords and shot the other. One to be blind and also the other couldn't see, so they chose a fool for their referee. A mute eyewitness screamed through fright.A cripple danced to check out the sight. A hearing deactivated policeman heard the noise.He came and also shot the two dead boys.A paralyzed cheat passing by,Kicked the copper in the eye, and also knocked him through a rubber wall, right into a ditch and drowned lock all.If you don't believe this lied is true,Ask the blind man. He experienced it too.

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< 3 pages, circa 1' 55" >


From the Nuremberg Chronicle

The id of the sun and moon side by next in century old, as space such notions that the dead getting up, or the hearing deactivated hearing. Opposition of opposites has actually been one structure of humor, and also this anonymous message -- merely one indigenous many alternate readings and remembrances end generations -- is around the impossibility that opposites. In like manner, other nonsense poems (such together Lügenmärchen) feature many comparable notions, such as the blind man who sees. Us amuse ourselves with impossibilities. A rather finish survey of some of the many different texts is discovered at the The brothers Columbia Folklore Society's site, one amongst many collecting variants and discussing this verse.


The setup is starkly in F major, the slight advance of early themes showing as variations when they recur. It is expected to be silly, one accompaniment somewhat delicato together appropriate.


The challenge by the speaker assures the audience in the far-off mediant significant domain the all is "true." The setting ends with a simple scale downward, signifying....

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The score is obtainable as a complimentary PDF download, despite any significant commercial power or recording of the work is prohibited there is no prior plan with the composer. Click on the graphic listed below for this piano-vocal score.