I selected the scimitar, mainly since it is what i use most of the time after Monkey Madness, and also it graduates girlfriend from "noob" status with your dragon longsword. Back I have to admit, the longsword special strike is undeniably better.

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In mine opinion the Dragon long is better, and also the Dragon Scimitar is over rated, favor Zama said..

D long has much better stat bonuses, and also a better special attack..


Dj ;)

I absolutely prefer the d long, it has much better stats and is less complicated to get, seeing together you only need to do shed City and also not MM. However, the d scim is slightly faster, and as human being have claimed it is proof you have done MM. Additionally I uncover I got referred to as a noob a lot as soon as I supplied a d long, i m sorry is a shame. Ns remember make the efforts to explain to a scim user once that my lengthy actually had much better stats. That was quite amusing ;)

Dragon Long. Ns think Scimitars space generally more over rated because they are apparently a far better Pking weapon, once Pking and general killing is a many difference.

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Dragon scimitar because that looking pimp, due to the fact that you need to do a pretty challenging quest...

And the Dragon longsword for special attack hits.

d long is a noob weapon and also using a d scim shows you have comp. Mm also, yet the scim spec is scary..

actually monkey insanity was fairly easy ;)


i choose the scimmy since well it no look nooby :lol:



Coo~ :P

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I favor the scimitar due to the fact that it doesn"t look like it will autumn apart if girlfriend hit something with it. Also, ns like fast weapons. I commonly use either d scim (or dba just because of the special and also because I favor the look and also strength bonus, also though it"s slow) come level up str, and also whip to level defence or attack.

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The Dragon Longsword is statistically better, yet the Dragon Scimitar watch cooler ;)


Can over there be an "undecided" option?

I think the Dragon Longsword is better, yet the Dragon scimitar is so highly rated since it is so difficult to get so overall the Dragon Longsword is better, although some human being prefer the Dragon scimitar.

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If you"re in search of efficiency, girlfriend go through the Scimitar for stats and also weapon speed. Yeah, the Dragon Longsword hits much better and obtained a heavy-hitting one-of-a-kind attack, but if you"re after real efficiency, you"ll use a Scimitar together a key weapon and carry a Dragon Dagger through you to usage specials with.


Scimitar is a much better base weapon then Dragon Longsword. Dagger obtained a far better special climate Longsword, the Longsword is just a mix of the two.

d long looks better

d lengthy has much better stats

d scim has much better speed

d long has far better spec(its specs additionally tend to do much more damage climate the dds cause of the d long"s accuracy)

but the d scim"s spec is wonderful because that making one itemers lose 30mil and also kill themselves but im no a pker


so d long

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d long looks better

d lengthy has far better stats

d scim has far better speed

d lengthy has far better spec(its specs also tend to do much more damage climate the dds cause of the d long"s accuracy)

but the d scim"s spec is wonderful for making one itemers lose 30mil and kill themselves yet im not a pker


so d long

Well the scimi used to look better, currently they both look terrible... But I chose the scimi largely for the speed and also for the truth that I rarely use a spec unless I"m making use of a dds however if you to be going through specs ns would have to say the dlong own it up


The longsword"s special strike with 4 precise hits make me choose it over the scimitar"s poor special. However, if both items space being contrasted without their special, the scimitar seems to it is in a far better choice.


EDIT: i voted longsword though.

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Scimitar has one the the worst specials of every the Dragon weapons. Nonetheless, the Scimitar is still superior.