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I have actually code P0404 coming up currently (P0404 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) open up Position Performance). Have the right to I clean the EGR or is it a part that needs to be replaced? I just had issues with plugs, would that have actually something to perform with the egr error?

50/50 chance cleaning the valve will help. Usage electrical contact or brake cleaner. Niether leaves a movie to collect dirt. You may have cracked or knocked a vacuum line loosened when transforming the plugs. Have actually a look see.

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When my car had that code, i cleaned all the connectors first, then i took the EGR valve off and cleaned it. Ns still had the code. I finally replaced it and everything to be fine. My "04 has an electronic EGR valve. Ns think think lock fail pretty frequently on this cars.
doesn"t that code median that his web page is not found?sorry... Had to it is in said. As soon as I had an EGR issue, it transforms out that among the vacuum currently ports top top the valve to be clogged. Never hurts to pull it out and also look. You shouldbe may be to check the valve too (check a FSM for how) and see if the diaphragm is working as needed.
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Have the same trouble on my 2005 town & Country. Mine has actually an electrically operated valve. I simply posted my outcomes after trying come clean mine valve. No success.

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Just walk the same things together you. The valve just operates after ~ the engine temp gets over approx 50 degrees Celsius, the valve is in gear and also moving. To test that the valve is pulsing off and on, eliminate the narrow pipe indigenous the EGR valve that leads to the inlet manifold and then SECURELY plug up the hole left in the inlet. Don"t use a small rag...IT WILL acquire SUCKED IN! let the engine idle until warmed up and also take a brief drive...if the valve is functioning you will hear it chattering fairly loudly.Mine operated ok and when ns dismantled the valve I uncovered that the pindle position sensor to be had an intermittent open up circuit which to be triggering the EGR code. Girlfriend can shot to open up the valve but it"s easy to pull the wires right off the solenoid through mistake. Also then girlfriend still can"t access the sensor (which is simply a variable resistor). I had to to buy a new EGR valve and found that (at the very least in Canada) an OEM form from the Chrysler dealer to be cheaper than any of the auto parts places.