The fresco is celebrated as one of the most far-ranging mural-making approaches in the background of art. Though most commonly connected with art of the Italian Renaissance, the painting method has been roughly for millennia, inspiring ancient and modern artists alike.

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Created through painting directly onto plaster, frescoes sell a permanence not uncovered in other forms of art. Unsurprisingly, muralists donate this durability, as shown by well-preserved masterpieces including the Roman wall paintings that PompeiiandRenaissance artist Michelangelo"s world-famousSistine Chapel ceiling.

What is a Fresco?

Afrescopainting is a occupational of wall surface or ceiling art created by using pigment top top intonaco, or a slim layer that plaster.Its title translates to “fresh” in Italian, together a true fresco"s intonaco is wet once the repaint is applied.


(Photo: Lori Greig via Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Types of Fresco

There space three common types of fresco: buon, secco, and mezzo.

To repaint a buon(“true”) fresco, one artist paints directly onto freshly blended plaster. Because of the natural tack of the wet intonaco, the pigment supplied to paint a buon fresco walk not must contain a binding medium; instead, it can simply be mixed with water.

Contrarily, a secco (“dry”) fresco employs dry plaster as its canvas. To make the repaint stick come the plaster, the pigments have to be mixed with a binding medium, such as a glue adhesive or egg yolk.

A mezzo (“medium”) fresco is painted onto practically dry intonaco. During the Renaissance, this type of fresco came to be widely used, eventually surpassingbuon fresco in popularity.


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