In PvZ, once you unlock the Zen Garden, over there is a chance you can acquire a plant, or chocolate (used to feed plants or Stinky the snail). What I desire to understand is; What is the chance?

And now that there room different copies on different consoles, is there a difference between them? I.e. Console vs. Pc vs. Android/Apple?



It deserve to be derived in all video game modes, with the exception of the Zen Garden itself.

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Once ten piece of coco have to be amassed, no an ext chocolate will certainly appear.

How to obtain it

Randomly from killing zombies.Occasionally eat a brain in I, Zombie.A streak of 3 in I, Zombie Endless.A streak that ten in Vasebreaker Endless.Sometimes after ~ a tomb Buster eats a grave throughout a Night level, or throughout Versus Mode.

Little "cheat"

If the player wishes an ext than ten chocolates, they need to open a game with ripe chocolates. Then, before collecting another one, a different level need to be opened. Collecting the chocolates in both levels will result in a variety of chocolates greater than 10.

I"m not able to discover a resource which specifies a particular drop-chance.


Presents drop an extremely rarely and also they may give the player Zen Garden plants, coco or unlockable games.

Presents that show up after level 5-4 save on computer Zen Garden plants.

Where to acquire a present

Every 3 levels that I, Zombie Endless; however, this is not the case for the Nintendo DS version.Eating a mind in any kind of I, Zombie level will sometimes drop one present.Randomly in survival Levels, particularly in Survival: Endless.Very hardly ever in an Adventure mode level on and also after Level 3-2, except for Level 3-10 whereby you deserve to get, in ~ most, 4 presents.Every ten levels of Vasebreaker Endless.Randomly removing tombs with dig Busters.Killing any type of zombie in any type of game mode.In crazy Dave"s Twiddydinkies, for $7,500, return this is just on the iPhone, iPod touch, and also iPad version.

Which level is the finest to get plants

For day plants, Slot maker and Wall-nut Bowling room the best.For Night plants, just replay Whack a Zombie over and over again, remove tombs for coins, diamonds and also sometimes presents.For swimming pool plants, beat Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick, Bobsled Bonanza or critical Stand with Marigolds for farming. If you have unlocked rapid Play in the iPad version, you have the right to play Level 3-10.For Fog plants, replay Level 4-10 (with the Zombie Yeti) or Survival: Fog (Hard) together there is no mini-game in the fog which has a high concentration that zombies.For Roof plants, obelisk Like You check out "Em is a great idea. You can also try Pogo Party.Level 5-10, Dr. Zomboss"s Revenge, Survival: Endless, and I, Zombie levels drop every tree (except non-Zen Garden plants). Therefore, lock are an excellent ideas if you room not aiming because that plants from a specific setup (although, Survival: endless can actually be the best method to get plants, because it has actually the greatest amount of zombies in the entirety game).


In the Xbox Live Arcade version of plants vs. Zombie a present likewise drops in Level 2-1 containing matches Mode and also Co-op Mode.It is the rarest article that can be dropped indigenous a zombie, dropping in a one-tenth rate.There are only 39 various Zen Garden plants of the 49 plants in full in plants vs. Zombies.There is a glitch in the Nintendo DS version of tree vs. Zombie where, at the finish of a level, if the player clicks top top a existing with a Zen Garden plant in it, climate touches the money bag, the player will obtain two plants, and both will be the specific same plantIn the playstations Vita variation of plants vs. Zombies, zombies drop a noticeably greater amount that presents delivering Zen Garden plants.The game stations Vita version of plants vs. Zombies has an sometimes glitch where the player earns two Sprouts from a single present and also both Sprouts space the exact same plant facing the exact same direction.

For your second question below is a link to a list through all distinctions in all obtainable versions (could not uncover anything about differences in obtaining chocolate).

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That space all details I discovered to her questions. If I uncover anything brand-new I"ll update.