This is a guide to maximize the quantity of coins you success at the Celadon City Game corner in the shortest amount of time. This is for emulators only and abuses the conserve state mechanic, but is not merely "reload till you win" and does not count on some makers supposedly being luckier.

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First, the mechanics of how slots identify if/what you will win:

1. When the slots start spinning, before you hit A to prevent the an initial column, the slot an equipment has already randomly identified if you have the right to have a feasible WIN or if it will be impossible to win.

2. If it's deemed possible to win, your precise winnings will certainly be based on your timing and also stopping the slot in the right order.

The game will often trick you right into thinking you are close come winning by providing you 2 7s, and you will discover yourself saving and reloading dozens of times. Also if your timing is perfect, the 7 will prevent just before or simply after and you won't win. This is why it's necessary to an initial determine if this is a winning session or not. If not, it's best to relocate on as quickly as possible so as no to rubbish time chasing a third 7 that will never ever come.



1. Push down, down to enable a success for both throughout and diagonal line (the slot will begin spinning).

2. Save state when all three columns space spinning, before pressing A to stop the an initial column.

3. Press A 3 times with any type of timing, simply to see if you win ANYTHING. (Do not save if you obtain some 7s)

4. Did you victory something?

a. No, and also this is your first or second try: Let's check again. Reload your saved state, go earlier to step 3.

b. No, and also this is her 3rd+ try: This slot session is more than likely a loser. Expropriate your loss and go earlier to step 1.

c. Yes: Reload your save state to save this winning session but try for 777. Walk to action 5.


We know the slot maker has decided that you have the right to in this round, therefore from currently on girlfriend will must experiment through timing tapping the A switch to obtain a 7 in a slot you want.

5. Insanity A to avoid the first column. Is over there a 7 in among the three spots?

a. No: Reload and also repeat action 5.

b. Yes: conserve state. Walk to step 6.

6. Insanity A to avoid the 2nd column. Walk a 7 line up with the very first column's 7 (either horizontally or diagonally)?

a. No: Reload save state. Repeat action 6.

b. Yes: conserve state. Go to step 7.

7. Tap A to avoid the third column. If you gain three 7s, reap your 300 coins! Otherwise reload the conserve state and also work on your timing.


In the interest of time, keep in mental you have the right to hold A when collecting your coins to rate it up.

I have noticed that periodically it's still impossible to gain 777 when you have actually a winning session since the machine is make the efforts to force you victory a different combination. Because that example, if you notice that the 2nd column simply will never pick a 7, however instead lines up so 2 Magnemite's could win if a third Magnemite lines up in the appropriate spot, the an equipment is trying come "help" girlfriend by making friend win v 3 Magnemites. In this case, no lot of reloading will certainly work. Simply take the minor victory and try again.

The most essential thing to save in mind is to ignore 7's until after you make sure the slot session is a winner. If you're just beginning a slot session and also you gain two 7s ideal off the bat, neglect your impulse to desire to conserve so you deserve to secure the third 7. It's a cheat the game plays on girlfriend to tempt you in. An initial determine if the session's a winning, then conserve after obtaining 7's.

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Hope this helps save some time. I just tested it and also got 23 trip 7s in twenty minutes because that 6,900 coins. Friend should be able to get 9,999 coins in half an hour or less.