Our Pokemon Sun and also Moon TM List will cover every of the TMs in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Unlike many previous generations, there space no HMs in Sun and Moon. TMs have the right to be offered as plenty of times as you"d like and also can be removed with the assist of a move tutor. Click the surname of a TM listed below to uncover out precisely how to gain it!

Pokemon Sun and also Moon TMs List

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# Move: Type: Effect: Power: Accuracy: PP:
TM01Work Up+1 Attack, +1 Sp. Attack--100%30
TM02Dragon ClawDamages target80100%15
TM03PsyshockDamages target80100%10
TM04Calm Mind+1 Sp. Atk, +1 Sp. Defense--100%20
TM05RoarTarget is required to move out--100%20
TM06ToxicTarget is badly poisoned--90%10
TM07HailSummons a hailstorm that loss all non-Ice Pokemon--100%10
TM08Bulk Up+1 Attack, +1 Defense--100%20
TM09VenoshockDamages target (2x if poisoned)65100%10
TM10Hidden PowerDamages target60100%15
TM11Sunny DayFire strikes deal 1.5x damage--100%5
TM12TauntForces target to use damaging attacks for 3 turns--100%20
TM13Ice BeamDamages target, 10% chance to Freeze90100%10
TM14BlizzardDamages target, 10% chance to Freeze11070%5
TM15Hyper BeamDamages target, user can"t move next turn15090%5
TM16Light Screen.5x Special damage to team for 5 turns15090%5
TM17ProtectPrevents damages to user because that 1 turn--100%10
TM18Rain DanceWater assaults deal 1.5x damage--100%5
TM19RoostRestores as much as 1/2 best HP--100%10
TM20SafeguardPrevents status conditions to user because that 5 turns--100%25
TM21FrustrationDamages target an ext if friendship is lower--100%20
TM22Solar BeamDamages target on second turn120100%10
TM23Smack DownDamages target50100%15
TM24ThunderboltDamages target, 10% chance to Paralyze90100%15
TM25ThunderDamages target, 30% opportunity to Paralyze11070%10
TM26EarthquakeDamages target100100%10
TM27ReturnDamages target more if friendship is higher--100%20
TM28Leech LifeDamages target, restores HP come user80100%10
TM29PsychicDamages target, 10% opportunity to -1 Sp. Defense90100%10
TM30Shadow BallDamages target, 10% opportunity to -1 Sp. Defense80100%15
TM31Brick BreakDamages target75100%15
TM32Double Team+1 Evasiveness--100%15
TM33Reflect.5x Physical damage to team for 5 turns--100%20
TM34Sludge WaveDamages target, 10% possibility to poison95100%10
TM35FlamethrowerDamages target, 10% opportunity to Burn90100%15
TM36Sludge BombDamages target, 10% opportunity to poison90100%10
TM37SandstormSummons a sandstorm because that 5 turns--100%10
TM38Fire BlastDamages target, 10% opportunity to Burn11085%5
TM39Rock TombDamages target, -1 rate to target6095%15
TM40Aerial AceDamages target60100%20
TM41TormentPrevents target from using the same move twice in a row--100%15
TM42FacadeDamages target, 2x if user has a status condition70100%20
TM43Flame ChargeDamages target, +1 rate of user50100%20
TM44RestUser Sleeps for two turns, restoring HP and status conditions--100%10
TM45AttractTarget is less likely to assault if it"s opposing gender--100%15
TM46ThiefDamages target, steals organize item60100%25
TM47Low SweepDamages target, -1 rate of target65100%20
TM48RoundDamages target, power boosts if others usage the move60100%15
TM49Echoed VoiceDamages target, power increases if supplied in succession40100%15
TM50OverheatDamages target, -2 Sp. Strike of user13090%5
TM51Steel WingDamages target, 10% possibility to +1 Defense7090%25
TM52Focus BlastDamages target, 10% chance to -1 Sp. Defense that target12070%5
TM53Energy BallDamages target, 10% possibility to -1 Sp. Defense that target90100%10
TM54False SwipeDamages target, leave them through at the very least 1 HP40100%40
TM55ScaldDamages target, 10% possibility to Burn80100%15
TM56FlingDamages target, damage is dependence on organized item--100%10
TM57Charge BeamDamages target, 10% chance to advanced Sp. Attack5090%10
TM58Sky DropDamages target on 2nd turn60100%10
TM59Brutal SwingDamages target60100%20
TM60QuashForces target to move last--100%15
TM61Will-O-WispBurns target--85%15
TM62AcrobaticsDamages target, 2x damages if target isn"t hold an item55100%15
TM63EmbargoPrevents target from using items because that 5 turns--100%15
TM64ExplosionDamages all active Pokemon, user always faints250100%5
TM65Shadow ClawDamages target, rises chance of an important hits70100%15
TM66PaybackDamages target, 2x damages if user walk after target50100%10
TM67Smart StrikeDamages target, never ever misses70100%10
TM68Giga ImpactDamages target, can"t move next turn15090%5
TM69Rock Polish+2 Speed--100%20
TM70Aurora VeilProtects native hail storm for 5 turns--100%20
TM71Stone EdgeDamages target, rise chance of crucial hits10080%5
TM72Volt SwitchDamages target, then switches out70100%20
TM73Thunder WaveParalyzes target--90%20
TM74Gyro BallDamages target, damages is based upon Speed--100%5
TM75Swords Dance+2 Attack--100%20
TM76FlyDamages target on second turn9095%15
TM77Psych UpUser duplicates stat transforms of target--100%10
TM78BulldozeDamages target, -1 rate of target60100%20
TM79Frost BreathDamages target, -1 rate of target6090%10
TM80Rock SlideDamages target, 10% opportunity for target to flinch7590%10
TM81X-ScissorDamages target80100%15
TM82Dragon TailDamages target, then forces them to move out6090%10
TM83InfestationDamages target because that 4-5 turns, avoids a move out20100%20
TM84Poison JabDamages target; 30% possibility to poison target80100%20
TM85Dream EaterDamages a resting target, heals user by 1/2 of handle damage100100%15
TM86Grass KnotDamages a sleeping target, heals user by 1/2 of dealt damage100100%15
TM87SwaggerConfuses target, +1 assault of target--85%15
TM88Sleep TalkUses one more known relocate at random while asleep--100%10
TM89U-turnDamages target, climate switches out through a party member70100%20
TM90SubstituteA decoy utilizing a fraction of the user"s HP is created--100%10
TM91Flash CannonDamages target, 10% chance to -1 Sp. Defense that target80100%10
TM92Trick RoomSlower Pokemon move first for 5 turns--100%5
TM93Wild ChargeDamages target, user takes recoil damage90100%15
TM94SurfDamages target90100%15
TM95SnarlDamages target, -1 Sp.

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Strike of target
TM96Nature PowerEffect is dependence on environment--100%20
TM97Dark PulseDamages target, 20% possibility for target come Flinch80100%15
TM98WaterfallDamages target, 20% opportunity for target to Flinch80100%15
TM99Dazzling Gleam
Damages target80100%10
TM100Confide-1 Sp. Strike of target--100%20