You have actually a variety of choices for web use ~ above both your iPod Touch and also your Android phone. You deserve to download practice apps, inspect email, browse news stories and even use video clip chat. In part cases, you may be unable to obtain online with your iPod if over there isn"t an accessible Wi-Fi network. As long as you have a 3G or 4G signal and also a data plan, most Android phones enable you to transfer your very own Wi-Fi network, and also you deserve to then tether your iPod to that network and access the net on it.

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Open the "Settings" application on her phone. Depending on your device, this will certainly either it is in a shortcut on your home screen, or friend can find it through tapping the "All apps" choice on the residence screen and also tapping the "Settings" app.

Tap "Wireless & networks," choose "More" and also choose "Tethering & portable hotspot." no all phones need that girlfriend tap "More"; you have the right to go ahead and tap "Tethering & portable hotspot" if you do see it instantly after tapping "Wireless & networks."

Tap "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot." This transforms the Wi-Fi hotspot on. Later, you have the right to disable the hotspot by tapping this choice again.

Tap either "Configure Wi-Fi hotspot" or "Set up Wi-Fi hotspot," depending upon which one friend see. Different phones have different terminology for this setting.

Note the hotspot name in the "Network SSID" section and also make any configurations you prefer. You can tap the name and change it if girlfriend want, and also you deserve to require a password because that the network in the protection section. Without a password, everyone can connect to your hotspot, even without her permission, so girlfriend should permit this. The best security alternative is "WPA2 PSK." After picking this, friend can type in every little thing password friend prefer.

Tap on her Android phone"s hotspot name. This is the exact same name you detailed or typed in the Network SSID section.

Type the network"s required password, if necessary. If friend left her network unsecured, you will certainly not require to kind in anything. In a minute your iPod will be online and also you have the right to browse the Web.

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any type of data her iPod or any other machine uses while connected to her Android phone will count as data offered on her Android"s data plan. This could result in extr charges to her account, depending upon your carrier and your contract. transfer a Wi-Fi hotspot will considerably increase the drain on her Android phone"s battery. If you plan to usage your phone"s hotspot because that an extended period of time, friend should take into consideration plugging it in so her iPod doesn"t shed Internet accessibility when the Android phone"s battery begins to operation out.

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