This 13-day tourism of Japan will present you come the cultures – old and new – that define this tiny but significant archipelago. Start in tech-mecca Tokyo and also finishing with three nights in Kyoto, this immersive tourism will additionally introduce you to lesser-known cities through Japan’s centre and also southern reaches. Uncover scenic beauty, beauty on the Hakone ropeway, sip the ideal sake in Takayama, discover out around the Hiroshima that today and also wonder at the floating torii door of Miyajima. You’ll have actually a neighborhood to overview you with these lesser-known destinations and also reveal layers of society and history, plus an consisted of Japan Rail pass to acquire from A come B in style and comfort.

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Why you"ll love this trip

Soar high above Lake Ashi and also (on a clear day) acquire a glimpse the glorious Mt Fuji top top a journey on the Hakone ropeway.

Be impression by the efficiency and ultra modernity that Japan’s bullet trains as you zip from ar to place with your had 14-day Rail Pass.

Explore timeless Japanese culture in Edo-period Takayama and also visit a people village, tour a 600-year-old market and a enjoy a sake brewery tasting.

Visit the peace Park because that moving insight into the devastation of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, climate cruise to tranquil Miyajima Island where wild deer roam the streets.

Finish your tourism with three nights in Kyoto, Japan’s cultural capital and home to literally hundreds of temples, the Gion District whereby Geisha game the wealthy elite and also renowned Kyoto sushi.

Is this expedition right for you?

We think Japan is ideal explored top top foot, therefore this tour requires lots of walking. You re welcome ensure you bring sturdy walking shoes and also comfortable clothes. To do the most of the trip, it's finest if you have at the very least a middle level of fitness.

In part destinations you may be continuing to be in a ryokan, i beg your pardon is a Japanese-style inn. It’s a good taste that tradition, but not everyone finds futon mattresses top top the tatami-mat floor, little bathrooms and also close proximity to other guests comfortable. Read more about ryokans in the ‘Accommodation’ section of the vital Trip Information. For some departures, we may adjust the ryokan stay right into hotels relying on seasonal availability. You re welcome consult her booking certified dealer if girlfriend need much more details.

Be all set to fill light and also smart for this trip as you'll be required to lug your very own luggage in between train stations and also to hotels, which can include going up and also down many flights that stairs in crowded areas.

If you want to take trip to Japan in winter, why not check out ours Japan: soil of the Snow monkeys tour? it’s a similar itinerary that operates during the quieter months. Get in code CJSS ~ above the website because that more.

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Miyajima's floating torii gate has been under renovation because June 2019 and also is spanned by semi-transparent scaffolding. A leg is being built on the left next of the door to assist the renovation works. These functions are recurring with no collection date because that completion.