I planted my very first rose flower this month and also it went rather well, with all the banana peels and coffee grounds. Yet after lock bloomed, they only lasted because that 2-3 job at many then the petals started to drop. I don"t desire to lose my flower so soon, they smell so good.

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Is over there anything I deserve to do to make them last longer ? ns plant mine roses utilizing pots because of the limited space. So, even just 1 or 2 blooms, they are special come me and also I really want to enjoy them longer. Btw, what"s the name of this type of increased ?Hardiness Zone: 11Susan indigenous Surabaya, Indonesia


Susan,Unfortunately, most modern roses don"t organize up the well to tropical heat. Hot weather usually makes fast work of the blooms, and also they tend to last much longer in cooler climates. For every rose selection hybridized, there is a so-called "thorn". Because that example, roses that are bred for fragrance occasionally sacrifice size and longevity in blossoms. The same have the right to be stated of the arrays bred because that big, diseases-resistant blossoms, castle usually are not as fragrant. You may have the ability to keep your rose shrub full that blooms much longer if you remove the flowers prior to they walk to seed.
You may not have the ability to keep each blossom longer, however you may be able to coax your bush to remain full of blooms by removing fading flowers before they walk to seed. Have actually you tried cutting the blooms off and bringing them at home (where it"s cooler) to reap as cut flowers? They might actually last much longer this way. Also, don"t forget to fertilize your shrub while it"s blooming through a rose-specific fertilizer (follow brand as directed).I"m not certain what kind of rose you have here. It"s beautiful. A range called "Pergiwati" (same pink flowers) is created in Indonesia because that the reduced flower industry in some of the bigger cities such together Jakarta, Semarang and Surabaya. Here is a attach to a seek database that may be valuable in trying to identify it.Good luck!Ellen

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The more heavily perfumed the rose, the faster the petals it seems to be ~ to autumn off. Lock are an ext like the original rose, the unperfumed modern roses it seems to be ~ to keep their petals longer, yet are no as nice. As far as I know there is nothing you deserve to do around it except enjoy lock whilst lock last. I'm not certain what kind of rose it is, however it is abolutely stunning.

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I agree v Myrtle May. You have the right to make rosewater through clean petals. Just soak them in water in the refrigerator because that a job or two.