Round The Twist was great, however seriously, WTF to be those plots? (Picture: ACTF)

Children’s TV reflects are recognized for having bizarre premises. Whoever thought a sponge who wears trousers and lives in a pineapple under the sea starrkingschool.netuld make a fight series?

But today’s youngsters TV shows pale in starrkingschool.netmparison come the utter lunacy of ring The Twist.

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The Australian fantasy collection only had 4 series, regardless of running indigenous 1989 till 2001 – yet its place in background has to be cemented thanks to one insanely catchy template song and storylines the are more what you’d suppose from a bad trip 보다 a kids’ show.

Round The twisted centred top top a family, the Twists, who resided in a lighthouse and also fought their home being repossessed through the greedy Gribbles.

In the middle of this, the children – Pete, Linda and Bronson (who to be played by 3 sets of kids over the years) – ended up being embroiled in weird and also supernatural cases which were just run of the mill, apparently.

But we don’t mean simply run-ins through ghosts and also zombies – we median stuff that makes us worry about the writers’ says of mind.


Birdsdo featured seagulls with dodgy bowels (Picture: ACTF)

Birdso to be the sestarrkingschool.netnd ever episode of ring The Twist, and also saw brother and sister Pete and also Linda being attacked by rogue seagulls.

The seagulls for some reason had an extremely dodgy tummies, as they proceeded to poo almost everywhere the kids, forcing them to take shelter in an exit old shack.

Unfortunately, the gulls no finished there, together they starrkingschool.netvered the whole house v poo, v Pete and Linda just able to escape v the chimney.

What a s***ty situation.

Lucky Lips

The magic lipstick made Pete irresistible come all females (Picture: ACTF)

Pete, a common teenage boy, was having no luck with the ladies in this series one illustration – the is, until he choose up part magic lipstick.

Dying native a kiss from his crush Fiona, Pete uses the lippie – only to disstarrkingschool.netver it functions on anyone within a ten foot radius.

In a regular tween show, this would average every among Pete’s crushes, and perhaps a token enemy, would certainly be drawn to provide him a smooch.

But in ring The Twist, this also results in Fiona’s mommy grabbing the very underage teenage boy Pete because that a passionate kiss.

And don’t even get us started on the starrkingschool.netnsent issues.

The large Burp

Pete to be impregnated by a tree fairy and also gave birth v his mouth (Picture: ACTF)

We don’t also know where to begin with this one. Series three kicked off v a childhood-ruining begin as Pete peed top top the side of a tree, just for a dryad (or a tree spirit) to emerge and also announce she’s fallen in love v him? every good, right?


Because it transforms out weeing ~ above a magic tree can obtain you pregnant, and also Pete became preggers v a nymph’s baby.

Fast forward, and also Pete gives birth with his mouth – by burping – come a tiny green biology that he and the tree spawned.

However, the many upsetting component is probably seeing Pete vomit increase a sea of eco-friendly slime together the afterbirth, or ‘after-burp’. Why, why go our parental let us watch this?

The Whirling Derfish

Bronson swallowed a fish the turned his privates into a propeller (Picture: ACTF)

Series 3 of ring The Twist was the most prolific in its giving of WTFness.

Introducing episode 3 – Whirling Derfish. Young Bronson to be dunked in one aquarium tank by bullies, and although he got out without drowning, the accidentally swallowed a rare ‘whirling derfish’.

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What does the do, girlfriend ask? Well, reader, it turns the child’s exclusive parts into a propellor. Yes, a propellor. In his pants. We don’t recognize what the authors were taking when they were composing this script.

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Bronson’s brand-new bits gave him the strength to swim really fast however honestly us don’t know what occurred in the end due to the fact that we were too emotionally traumatised.

If you want to delve earlier into her childhood, all episodes of ring The twisted are obtainable to clock on their official YouTube channel. 

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