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Essential Info

Start Point

Begin by speak to explorer Jack, north of Lumbridge Castle.

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Skills: None. Quests: None. Items: None.


Skills: None. Quests: None.


Difficulty: Novice Length: Short

Getting Started

To start, speak to explorer Jack, simply north that Lumbridge Castle.


Ask that if he has actually any more quests because that you. He will certainly tell you that a wandering eye imp called him about riches concealed in the floor of Snow. Jack desires you to obtain these well stones in ~ the cave, and will tell you come speak to one of the three head eye imps to gain teleported come the floor of Snow.

Note: girlfriend can likewise ask Isidor in the Wizard"s Tower to teleport friend by utilizing the phrase "Ectosum glissendo".

The land of Snow

After you have actually teleported, you will certainly arrive at The land of Snow. Slide across to the eastern side wherein the cave is.


You will find a small room covered in ice cream after friend squeeze v the cave entrance. What you"ll have to do is to reach the departure on the other side of the room by slide to it. You have the right to slide in horizontal, diagonal and also vertical ways. You"ll should go with 6 rooms till you with the critical one. Here"s a map of every 6 rooms.


While in this rooms, you will discover a red line approximately the perimeter the the rooms (check number 3 top top the map above). After ~ you examine the wall, you have the right to use the hammer and also chisel ~ above that wall surface to study, together it will offer 2,000 crafting experience. Keep in mind that you need 30 do to perform this.


Climb the root in this room v 55 Agility, and also you will acquire 10,000 Agility experience.


You will must push the pillars within the holes. Once you room done, go ago to the ahead room and go up the ledge of ice. If you have 80 Woodcutting and also you space wielding one axe, you can chop the roots for 20,000 Woodcutting experience.


Note: You can only perform this after you have actually pushed the stone blocks in position.

When you obtain to the critical room, a wait yeti will certainly roar and you"ll slide the end of the room. Now just how is this possible?

The stone Blocks

Return to the penultimate room, and you will check out two rock blocks. Both of them must be pushed about to create a course on the north side of the room. You deserve to only press them roughly while on certain ground.

Most east block:


Most western block:


After both stone blocks fit into place, go back to the former room, walk up the ledge of ice cream in the north-east corner, squeeze v the crevice, slide across the room, squeeze v the crevice when again, and also study the wall surface on the western next of the room. You need to come up through this.


Now you are able to scream in the pipe. You will see a short cut-scene the the Yeti falling unconscious. Walk back, return to the last room, pick up the stones behind the unconscious Yeti, and exit the caves.


You will view 3 eye imps wait for you. They describe that they play a little joke on you, and the so-called "stones" are actually yeti dung! Eeewwww! Gross! They will certainly enchant her yeti dung. The yeti dung has actually a awful smell when thawed. Castle enchant her dung because it will just start thawing after ~ you provide it to traveler Jack. Provide the dung back to explorer Jack and...

Congratulations! quest complete!



2 search Points A price lamp, offering 500 experience to a ability of her choice.2,000 make experience, 10,000 Agility experience and 20,000 Woodcutting endure if you gained it in the cave.


Additional Reward

After perfect the quest, you can wait 15 minutes (or log out and also in again) and also then receive an additional 5,000gp from explorer Jack. He additional examined the "stones" and also then marketed them come a witch.

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Fast pursuit Walkthrough

Tip: part rooms contain features which allow you gain extra xp (see above).