Tracking under vintage sewing an equipment models is not straightforward task. The is often like trying to solve a mystery and you need to be prefer Sherlock Holmes an extremely sharp, observant, and know what come look for. In this case, the design number is misleading.

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It will certainly be feasible to find a hand-operated for the Kenmore sewing device but it might be impossible to find one for model #5186 because that is no the design number for a Kenmore sewing machine. It is the model number because that the motor only.

To learn much more about this situation just proceed to read our review. It is no going to it is in like any kind of other evaluation we have done top top vintage sewing machines. What provides things confusing is the there is a hands-on for a Kenmore sewing maker model #5186 but the version number should look something choose 117-1191.


This is actually difficult to say together there is no version number to date the sewing machine. Then through the fact that the motor can have been placed on a selection of different sewing machines at any kind of time after the War, we execute not get any help from it.

What we do understand is the Sears never made its own sewing machines. Castle contracted the end to various other companies like White and Janome and these machines might have been made in the 50s, 60s, or even the 70s. The 51286 motor to be made in Japan do this a actual possibility.

Read our articleabout Kenmoreto find out more information on the Kenmore sewing machines and who made them. ~ 1958 Sears had a contract with several various Japanese firms that made the Kenmore sewing machine. Any type of one that them can have make this motor.

Download Kenmore version 5186 Manual


This might be an easier task to accomplish as the machine listed as the 5186 is very generic and could be a clone of one of the numerous Singer models that firm produced after the war.

Your very first place to begin would it is in the company at this link, that is if that is tho in business. Climate you can shot this online save to see if they have actually the part you need. The problem you will discover at this ar is the they just list design numbers 6 digits or larger. There room no 4 digit model numbers on your list.

eBay and Amazon might be 2 other places you can search to check out if anyone has actually spare parts. Or you deserve to go to the local flea sectors or sewing repair shops to watch what type of parts are available.

The other difficulty you will run right into is the it is difficult to recognize which agency or carriers made the sewing device with the motor. That provides finding spare parts tough to do.

Kenmore model 5186 Belt


The very same goes for finding belts because that this sewing machine or motor. Many sewing an equipment parts stores should have actually compatible belts you can use. They would certainly be the many knowledgeable people to ask beside sewing device repairmen.

If you want to see what the belt watch like, click this link and it will certainly take you come the eBay listing that has pictures that the belt and the whole machine. Friend will additionally see that the actual model number because that the 5186 is 158.13011.

That number should acquire you every the parts and also belts you require for your supposed Kenmore sewing device model #5186.

Some last Words

Finding old sewing machines" serial numbers and model numbers have the right to be difficult. Not only do civilization get confused around which is which, yet the an equipment may likewise be mislabeled through the owner.

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The Kenmore sewing maker that has that serial number is a generic sewing an equipment that might be a clone.