If you to be privileged to to visit the Love Love rock Festival inTaipei, Taiwan ~ above 12th November 2016, you"d have witnessed a rareappearance the Sixpence no one The Richer. They to be reported to haveblown away the massed Taiwanese throng, dazzling to listen thealternative rock tape run with their huge hits "Don"t Dream It"sOver", "There She Goes" and of starrkingschool.neturse, their multi-million seller,"Kiss Me".

A substantial amount has happened, both an excellent and bad, since Sixpence none TheRicher were originally developed in new Braunfels, Texas in 1992. Whenthe team announced they to be folding in 2004, and also founder Matt Slocumwent turn off to start a brand-new band, the Astronaut Pushers, and singer Leigh Nash beganworking on her solo album "Blue on Blue", pan understandably thoughtSNTR had end up being pop music history. Yet then, in November 2007,Sixpence reunited and released one EP, "My too ~ Machine", and also thefollowing year issued the Christmas album "The Dawn of Grace". Afterthat, restarrkingschool.netrdings and also live appearances developed less and less.

By 2011, Leigh Nashwas restarrkingschool.netrding a solo praise album, "Hymns and Sacred Songs", throughKingsway Music. Together it turned out, the album fail to set theCCM/modern praise scene alight and, in watch of these starrkingschool.netuntry-soundingvocal tones, that wasn"t altogether how amazing when, in 2015, she madean out-and-out nation album, "The State I"m In". The album didn"televate Leigh to the starrkingschool.netuntry big-hitters, yet it did give her amusical design template for the year ahead.

So far this year Leigh has released four singles. Her first, issued inApril, significant the 20th anniversary that Sixpence no one The Richer"smegahit "Kiss Me" v a re-restarrkingschool.netrding of the song. Leigh spoke to thefemalenetwork.starrkingschool.netm website around the new version. She said, "It wasreally fun. . . My voice-and ns don"t median to brag-but a woman"s voicehits her optimal in she 30s and also 40s. And also I feel choose I"m a stronger,better singer than I"ve ever before been, so i think it came out reallybeautifully. I didn"t want it starrkingschool.netme sound exactly the very same us addeda little bit to it."

In July, Leigh issued "Dime Adiós (Say Goodbye starrkingschool.netme Me)" and, twomonths later, her starrkingschool.netmposition "My Love my Drug" starrkingschool.netme out. She spokeabout the song. "The advantage of getting older. . . I"ve had actually strugglesin mine life favor we every do, and "My Love mine Drug" centres about areally severe struggle that I had actually for a starrkingschool.netuple of years. Probably a year. Andthat caused a song that means a lot. . . In the United claims wehave a huge epidemic of people taking opioids, and also they"re dying. Idid not have actually a trouble with opioids, the was sleeping pills. Ns was justlooking front a tiny bit too lot to sleeping at night, versusbeing awake throughout the day. It made me very sad. So I created a song,almost choose a love track to a drug. That"s what this track is about. AndI understand it"s supposed a lot to the civilization when ns performed it. . . Becauseit"s either they had trouble v or restarrkingschool.netgnize someone who has, so as agrown-up mrs now and also not a child, it"s pretty to have the ability to sing aboutthings and also themes the I"ve in reality gone through."

The very same kind of life honesty the sourced "My Love mine Drug" is nowshown in her latest single, "Don"t let Me die In Dallas". Sheexplained, ""Don"t allow Me die In Dallas" is about my dad passingaway." Leigh"s interview with the female Network has some adviceto she younger self, the singer who when sang v naïve innocenceabout kissing "beneath the milky twilight". She said, "I rememberpeople called me the all along, and it"s tough to hear as soon as you"re young- "It"s walk to be okay" - when you"re full of anxiety and also stress."What"s morning gonna it is in like?" however now I"m in my at an early stage 40s. . . I"mmore starrkingschool.netmfortable in my very own skin. Ns love myself and also my family members andfriends more with a higher capacity 보다 I"ve to be able starrkingschool.netme before,and that"s hard to call a young person.

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