IT’S basic FOR Ireland to acquire too big for that britches when superlative terms choose “the best small country in the world” get thrown approximately the location willy-nilly.

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But simply how tiny are we? an extremely small. A just blip ~ above the earth’s surface, in fact.

Here are some facts to show just just how tiny we are.

1. Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan all have larger populaces than Ireland.


Not therefore smug now, room we?

2. Ever hear that the bustling metropolis the Butte, Montana? No? It’s practically 6x the size of Dublin.

Source: Darragh Sherwin

Butte (LOL) has actually an area of 1,867.6 km2. Dublin, meanwhile, is petite by to compare at 318 km2.

I like big Buttes, etc.

3. You might fit 202 Irelands in Russia.

Source: Alexey Nikolskiy

4.When 400,000 people bought tickets to watch Garth Brooks, it constituted 10% of our population.



we couldn"t find this Tweet

5. The length of the two Luas lines is 36.5km combined.

The London secret is 402km. 

Source: infomatique

6. Tokyo, v an area of 2,187.66 km2, is simply a tiny little bit bigger 보다 Co Cavan, which has an area that 1,931 km2.

Population of Tokyo? 13,185,000.

Population that Co. Cavan? 73,183.

Source: male of Yorkshire

7. The so tiny that on facebook will ultimately suggest that you understand celebrities.

Northern Ireland is so small I'm gaining Christine Bleakley said as someone i may know on facebook haha

— Matt - 'Jynx' (
on facebook trying to make me include Christine Bleakley as a friend...#surewhynot

— Gavin O'Kane (

8. You might squeeze Louth right into Texas 843 times.


9. Much more people live in a square kilometre the Manila than execute in the totality of Co Longford.


10. Control time indigenous Malin Head to Mizen Head: less than 8 hours.

Driving time indigenous Moscow to Vladivostok: at the very least 115 hours.

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The horror.

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