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The setting of Slam! is based upon Myers"s very own upbringing in Harlem. Estimates that aid illustrate the setup will it is in ones that carry the paradoxical nature that a Harlem-type setting to the fore. If the school, Slam"s family"s apartment, and the basketball court are vital elements that the setting, the...

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The setting of Slam! is based on Myers"s very own upbringing in Harlem. Quotes that assist illustrate the setup will be ones that carry the paradoxical nature the a Harlem-type atmosphere to the fore. If the school, Slam"s family"s apartment, and the basketball court are critical elements that the setting, the paradoxical exterior environment—where youngsters can purchase cold cuts and also ambulances scream with the night stillness—is the hardest come develop.

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The boys, Slam and also Derek, live in a family ar that is alive through family-run businesses, favor Bill"s bicycle shop, yet is likewise alive v threats and dangers due to the fact that of drive-by shootings, prefer the one early in the story top top 141st Street. Glass breaks on the night air, shootings flare up at night and also seem to it is in "over" for the work-related days, and also seventeen-year-old guys fight. Several of the estimates showing the paradoxical setting of Slam"s neighborhood include:

Family neighborhood: "hen there"s a actual rain with the wind blowing periodically you deserve to hear it versus the tin sign over Billy"s bicycle shop."

Danger: "If there"s a fight friend hear the voices rising and also catching. . . The sound of damaged glass can cut through various other noises. . . And behind all the various other sounds there"s always the sirens, happen their bad news from much off."

Family neighborhood: "In the morning friend hear the clang of the garbage trucks, then the low growl the the buses and also you know the human being who gained work are beginning off downtown to your jobs."

Danger at rest in the family members neighborhood: "In the morning girlfriend don"t hear any police sirens or ambulances. It"s favor all the shooting and chasing is over for the night and also the ar is acquiring ready because that a brand-new day."

Danger: "You deserve to just it is in walking v somebody or going to the store and also get shot since some dude don"t know how to shoot straight."

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This is a lower course neighborhood through a lot of unsavory people.

"When it"s late at night you she the sound of car doors and also people talking and boom crate spilling the end the latest tunes." (pg 2)

"The sound of broken glass can cut through other noises, also if it"s simply a party of wine someone dropped." (pg 2)

"..... There"s always the sirens, carry their poor news from far off and also making you organize your breath until they pass so you recognize it ain"t any of your human being who"s gaining arrested or being required to the hospital." (pg 2-3)

"It"s choose all the shooting and also chasing is over for the night and also the neighborhood is obtaining ready for a new day." (pg 3)