A star tattoo might be a common selection for many people, however don’t think that this makes it a dull one. Far from it! The sheer range of star tattoos easily accessible is spectacular. Plenty of people select a basic and understated single star.

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Others have actually a constellation that stars. The superstar singer Rihanna has chosen this option. Her well known star tattoo has little stars flowing down the ago of her neck.


Rihanna’s stars are two tattoos. Brand-new York artist Bang Bang join the currently stars on her neck come a carpet the stars winding their method down she back. That an impressive design that illustrates the adaptability of stars. Basic to add to, or work into existing designs, the no wonder that stars space as well-known as they are for men and also women.


Types the Star Tattoos

Nautical Stars

A nautical star is a famous choice. That is memory of times when sailors crossed seven seas there is no navigational tools. Ago then they only had the sun, moon and stars to overview them. A ship’s course would be set by the phibìc Star or southern Cross Star. No wonder sailors made decision a nautical star tattoo to signify their safe passage earlier home to friends and family.

In this days that GPS, the nautical star go not hold the same significance. It’s still a famous tattoo choice. That looks good and represents guidance and also protection through the trip of life. It likewise is suggestive that the courage to chart one’s course with life.


The style of the nautical star deserve to vary. The most straightforward is the five-pointed star in dark and also light shades. That is also seen as an eight-pointed star incorporating every directions of the compass. Colors selection from black, black and also red or any type of other contrasting color on a watercolor background.


Winged Star

A star v wings is less common. It deserve to mean the wearer has actually lost a loved one once they were far away from home. To offer as a reminder that a loved one, the tattoo is frequently worn either over the love or ~ above the wrist.

Moon and Stars


A crescent moon through a sprinkling that stars is a sweet tattoo, periodically chosen to represent constellations of loved ones. Ariana Grande has actually this tattoo top top the ago of her left hand. She crescent moon has a face and also a few stars scattered top top the moon’s ‘cheek’. The moon encounters a additional sprinkling of tiny stars.

Star wars actor Carrie Fisher had a moon and stars style tattooed on her ankle. ~ Carrie’s sad death, she daughter billie Lourd paid tribute to her mom with a similar design inked on her ankle. The architecture features a moon, 6 stars and also a planet. Dr Woo, a celebrity tattoo artist, inked Lourd on the day that would have been she mother’s 61st birthday.


The night sky is house to 88 constellations, all with names, some much better known 보다 others. The 12 indicators of the zodiac space all constellations. These make an obvious selection for those civilization with an interest in horoscopes and also star signs.

If you no a monitor of her fortune in the stars, there room still some wonderfully named constellations that make to mark tattoos. Think Cassiopeia, Orion and also Pegasus.

The range of shapes and varying sizes of constellation tattoos way that they look good on any component of the body. Constellation tattoos look very effective in color. Solange Knowles is one celebrity who has indulged in a constellation tattoo i beg your pardon is situated under her ideal upper arm.

Shooting Stars

It’s considered lucky if you check out a shoot star in real-life. A tattooed version can represent the attraction of great fortune to the wearer. Seeing a shooting star stand for the opportunity to make a wish. Rihanna’s follow of shoot stars is more than likely one that the best-known celebrity tattoos. Maybe it has delivered her luck in she brilliant career!

Patriotic Stars

The American flag is renowned for that stars and also stripes. Whilst the is unexplained to check out the whole flag as a tattoo through all 50 stars, there are many representations the stars and also stripes available.

These tattoos look very effective, eye-catching and make one interesting choice of design for wearers with an American connection. The back and shoulders show up to be a popular place for this design.

Pentacle or Pentagram Stars

The Pentacle or Pentagram star is another 5 suggest star, periodically encircled. The circle stands for protection and the eternal one of life and also nature. This star has strong links to Wiccan culture.

The 5 point out of the pentacle symbolizes air, water, fire, earth and the spirit. If you room planning on getting this tattoo, make sure you get the design pointing up. If that is the wrong way up, the pentacle takes on a different meaning.

Other types of Stars

Stars come in all shapes and sizes, from four-point stars and all numbers upwards come eleven and also beyond. Whilst the five-point star is popular, over there is likewise the six-pointed star or hexagram and also the nine-point star i m sorry is also called an enneagram.

The number of points chosen for the star tattoo may signify a number meaningful to the wearer.

12 Star Tattoo Examples

A lot of star tattoos are little to medium-sized, however they can additionally work fine as huge tattoos. This option has appealed to some male stars!

Rock musician Tommy Lee has a pair of equivalent red and black tattoos, one on the ago of every hand.Rapper Lil Wayne has a big red star, outlined in black color on his throat.The fashion designer Marc Jacobs has taken star tattoos to another level. He has actually a selection of large red and also green block-colored five-point stars tattooed on and around his shoulder. He additionally sports a big darker colored one ~ above the back of his appropriate shoulder.Musician Seth Binzer, aka Shifty Shellshock, is possibly the greatest star tattoo fan. His neck has a huge nautical star with wings and smaller falling stars roughly his throat. His shoulders feature huge five-pointers, as do his hands. His body is an impressive canvas. A close watch reveals even an ext stars. He has one ~ above his left rib cage in ~ a defect motif and even an ext woven through a complete sleeve on his left arm.

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Even if you don’t want to go as full-on with your star body art together Shellshock, over there is no doubt that star tattoos do a stellar an option for anyone.