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Highscores (53 registered players)MemberScoreTimeDate
1Logan.Kelley100%0:30.5 min.

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5 Dec, "18
2JiaQianL100%0:31.0 min.6 Dec, "18
3DarkMagic8100%0:33.9 min.18 Jan, "18
4Mac 'N' NCT100%0:34.9 min.8 Jan, "19
100%0:35.3 min.7 Dec, "18
6Shona A100%0:36.7 min.11 Dec, "18
7carli.cline100%0:36.9 min.8 Jan, "19
8ParkerLau456100%0:37.3 min.9 Jan, "17
9Davis Ricketts100%0:40.1 min.3 Jan, "17
10MrMcCollum100%0:40.1 min.5 Jan, "17
11Ethan Neil100%0:40.4 min.23 Mar, "21
12WatermelonPerson100%0:40.8 min.6 Jan, "17
13Folkmale100%0:41.8 min.4 Oct, "18
14Eli_Jordan6100%0:41.9 min.9 Jan, "17
15DaltonYaBoi100%0:42.4 min.

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4 Jan, "17

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This is an digital quiz dubbed State Capitals, east of the Mississippi River

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