For much more than 60 years, a story has persisted the 13 hands have the right to be viewed on the marine Corps battle Memorial, the beloved sculpture in Arlington, Va., the depicts 6 servicemembers increasing the U.S. Flag ~ above Mt. Suribachi throughout the world War II battle of Iwo Jima.

"Thirteen hands. Who needed 13 hands?" sculptor Felix de Weldon when remarked after gift asked if he put an extra hand in the memorial. "Twelve to be enough."

No one is fairly where it all started, but Sarah Gamble, a park ranger v the nationwide Park Service, stated the rumors of the 13th hand began as shortly as the frosting — based on Joe Rosenthal's famous photo — went increase in 1954.

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"It's the 'hand that God' theory," gambling said. "People wanted to think that there to be a tiny extra aid on the work this flag to be raised. You know, they say 'there to be six guys struggling to get to the top, for this reason they should have had some type of help.'

"... I'm sorry to say, it's just not true."

Watch the video, and decide because that yourself.



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