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Bank1 is the side of the engine v the #1 cylinder.Bank2 is the side of the engine through the #2 cylinder.Right?Is the #1 cylinder top top the USA driver"s next or the passenger?I"m assuming the #2 cylinder is top top the side opposite the #1?Thanks.

I think this is the details you room asking... Exact same for all model years 2.2L and 2.5LCylinder 1 - passenger side front Cylinder 3 - passenger next rearCylinder 2 - driver next frontCylinder 4 - driver side rearNot sure which is considered financial institution 1 or financial institution 2

Bank1 is the next of the engine through the #1 cylinder.Bank2 is the side of the engine with the #2 cylinder.Right?Is the #1 cylinder on the USA driver"s side or the passenger?I"m suspect the #2 cylinder is on the next opposite the #1?Thanks.

Yes, the side with the #1 cylinder is financial institution 1. And as noted, in the 4 cyl boxer, #1 is on the passenger (right) side.
In the USA, because that the six cylinder H6 engine, bank 1 is ~ above the passenger side, bank 2 is the driver side (left side as you sit in the car) appears to be opposite of many other cars, and also certainly confound on this forum as to which is which!
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