The value of tan 60 levels is √3. The word “Trigonometry” means measuring the sides of a triangle. An angle is a measure which is the lot of rotation that a revolving line v respect to the fixed-line. An angle is hopeful if the rotation is in an anti-clockwise direction and also if the rotation is in a clockwise direction, climate the angle is negative. The two species of conventions because that measuring angles are

Sexagesimal systemCircular system.

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In the sexagesimal system, think about a unit circle where the unit of measure is the degree and also it is denoted through the prize ‘1°’. Every 1° is separated into 600 minute (also denoted together 60’) and also each minute is subdivided into 60 seconds and it is denoted by 60”.

Trigonometric ratios are represented for the acute angle as the ratio of the political parties of a ideal angle triangle.

Tan 60 degrees Value

In a right-angled triangle, the next opposite the best angle is referred to as the hypotenuse side, the next opposite the angle of interest is dubbed the the opposite side and the continuing to be side is dubbed the nearby side whereby it creates a next of both the angle of interest and also the ideal angle.

The tan function of an angle is equal to the length of opposing side separated by the length of the surrounding side.

Tan θ = the opposite side/ surrounding Side

In regards to sine and cosine function, the tangent role is represented by

Tan θ = sin θ / Cos θ

Derivation to find the worth of Tan 60 Degrees


Tan 60 levels Value and also Derivation

To uncover the value of tan 60 levels geometrically, think about an equilateral triangle ABC due to the fact that each the an edge in an equilateral triangle is 600.

Therefore, ∠A = ∠B = ∠C = 60°

Draw a perpendicular line ad from A come BC.

Now think about the triangle, ABD and ADC,

We have, ∠ ADB = ∠ADC= 90° and

∠ ABD = ∠ACD= 60°

Therefore, AD=AD

According come AAS Congruency,


From this, we can say


Let united state take, abdominal muscle = BC =2a

Then, BD= ½ (BC) =½ (2a) =a

By making use of Pythagoras theorem,

AB2 = AD2– BD2

AD2= AB2-BD2

AD2 =(2a)2 – a2

AD2 = 4a2-a2

AD2 = 3a2

Therefore, AD=a√3

Now in triangle ADB,

Tan 600= AD/BD

= a√3/a = √3

Therefore, tan 60 degrees exact value is provided by,

Tan 600=√3

In the exact same way, we deserve to derive various other values the tan levels like 0°, 30°, 45°, 90°, 180°, 270° and also 360°. Listed below is the trigonometry table, which specifies all the worths of tan in addition to other trigonometric ratios. Us can quickly learn the values of other tangent degrees with the aid of sine functions and cosine functions. Just knowing the value of sine functions, we will uncover the worths of cos and also tan functions. There is one easy means to psychic the worths of tangent functions.

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Sin 0° = √(0/4)

Sin 30° = √(1/4)

Sin 45° = √(2/4)

Sin 60° = √(3/4)

Sin 90° = √(4/4)

Now leveling all the sine values obtained and also put in the tabular form:

Angles (in degrees)0°30°45°60°90°

Now discover the cosine function values. The is done together follows:

Cos 0° = Sin 90°

Cos 30° = Sin 60°

Cos 45° = sin 45°

Cos 60° = sin 30°

Cos 90° = sin 0°


Since the tangent role is the role of sine and also cosine function, uncover the values of tan deserve to be derived by splitting sin role by cos features with respective degree values

So the tabular pillar that represents the tan function as

tan01/√31√3Not Defined

Example: calculation the worth tan 9° – tan 27°- tan 63° + tan 81°Solution:Given, tan 9° – tan 27°- tan 63° + tan 81°

= tan 9° + tan 81° -tan 27°- tan 63°

= tan 9° + tan (90°-9°) – tan 27° – tan (90°- 27°)

= tan 9° + cot 9° -(tan 27°+ cot 27°) ……(1)

We deserve to write,

tan 9°+ cot 9° = 1/ sin 9°cos 9°

= 2/ sin 18° ……………(2)

tan 27° + cot 27° = 1/ sin 27° cos 27°

= 2/ sin 54°

= 2/ cos 36° ………..(3)

Substitute (2) and also (3) in (1), we get

tan 9° + cot 9° -(tan 27°+ cot 27°) = (2/ sin 18° )- (2/ cos 36°)

= 4

Therefore, the worth of tan 9° – tan 27°- tan 63° + tan 81° = 4

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