Tears of a Tiger Summary

After Andy and his buddies win their high institution basketball game, lock go the end to celebrate… by grabbing a couple of beers. This is once Andy crashes the automobile into a wall—and if B.J., Tyrone, and Andy all make it out, their buddy Robbie doesn"t. The wakes up just in time to feel the auto burst right into flames, and he yells the end for his friends to assist him, however they can"t since the door is jammed. Yikes.

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Since the accident, Andy"s feeling guilty since he to be the one driving. Even though he acquired a two-year rely sentence and has to take a couple of DUI classes, Andy doesn"t feel prefer he"s actually been punished for what that did. He blames himself for Robbie"s death. He speak to his coach about it, and he tells him the Robbie wouldn"t have blamed him, but this doesn"t aid much; Andy is tho haunted by his guilt.

Pretty soon, Andy starts play basketball again. Currently that Robbie isn"t on the team anymore, Andy bring away his ar as team captain. Everyone starts come get back to the method things were before the accident—well, everyone other than Andy, the is. The can"t plunder his head around his school occupational anymore, and he doesn"t care if he resides or dies.

One work while he"s out v his girlfriend Keisha, he virtually jumps right into incoming traffic until she stop him. She"s his rock, and also he"s not certain what that would perform without her. Andy"s parental send him to a therapist, who tells Andy it"s regular to feel super depressed after something traumatic, and encourages him to reach the end to Robbie"s parents. Reluctantly, Andy write a letter to them remembering all the great times he had actually with Rob. Rob"s mother is totally touched by the letter and also tells Andy she"ll never ever forget it.

It"s a sweet reaction, however Andy desire he passed away in the automobile accident instead of Rob. His parental don"t treatment enough to pertained to his gamings the method Robbie"s do—they"re constantly supportive, no issue what—plus Keisha gets sick that Andy"s bellyaching and also dumps him. It"s clear she cares a lot around him, yet she simply can"t stand his atmosphere swings every the time. Feeling like he has nowhere else to turn, Andy stays residence from school and commits suicide.

When Andy"s girlfriend learn about his death, they"re heartbroken. It"s one thing to lose Robbie in an accident, but at the very least no one meant for that to happen. Andy"s death, however, was on purpose.

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Few of his posse calls him a coward; others great he had actually reached out for help; Keisha can"t believe he"s gone. His small brother, Monty, visits his grave and also tells him that currently he to know it"s it s okay to cry, even though he desires to be large and tough like Andy.