Learning Objectives

recognize the general structure for an amine. Determine the functional team for amines. Identify the structural feature that classifies amines together primary, secondary, or tertiary. Use nomenclature equipment to name amines.

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Amines space classified follow to the number of carbon atoms bonded straight to the nitrogen atom. A major (1°) amineA link that has only one alkyl or aryl team on the nitrogen atom. Has one alkyl (or aryl) group on the nitrogen atom, a an additional (2°) amineA compound that has actually two alkyl or aryl teams on the nitrogen atom. Has two, and a tertiary (3°) amineA link that has three alkyl or aryl groups on the nitrogen atom. Has three (Figure 15.5 "The framework of Amines contrasted to Water, an Alcohol, and an Ether").

Figure 15.5 The structure of Amines compared to Water, one Alcohol, and an Ether



To classify alcohols, us look in ~ the variety of carbon atom bonded come the carbon atom bearing the oh group, no the oxygen atom itself. Thus, although isopropylamine looks similar to isopropyl alcohol, the previous is a primary amine, when the latter is a secondary alcohol.


The usual names for straightforward aliphatic amines covers an alphabetic perform of alkyl teams attached to the nitrogen atom, complied with by the suffix -amine. (Systematic surname are regularly used by some chemists.) The amino groupAn NH2 unit. (NH2) is called as a substituent in more complicated amines, such together those the incorporate other functional groups or in i m sorry the alkyl teams cannot be just named.




there is just one alkyl group attached to the nitrogen atom, for this reason the amine is primary. A team of 3 carbon atoms (a propyl group) is attached come the NH2 group through an finish carbon atom, therefore the name is propylamine. There space two methyl groups and one ethyl team on the nitrogen atom. The link is ethyldimethylamine, a tertiary amine. There room two ethyl groups attached to the nitrogen atom; the amine is secondary, therefore the compound is diethylamine. The nitrogen atom has actually a methyl group and also a propyl group, therefore the compound is methylpropylamine, a an additional amine.

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