It was too lonely for her there,And as well wild,And because there were however two of them,And no child. And also work was tiny in the house,She to be free,And adhered to where he furrowed field,Or felled log.

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She rest on a log and tossedThe new chips,With a song just to herselfOn she lips. And once she went to break a boughOf black alder.She strayed so much she scarcely heardWhen he dubbed her -

and also didn"t answer - didn"t speak -Or return.She stood, and then she ran and hidIn the fern. The never uncovered her, despite he lookedEverywhere,And that asked at she mother"s houseWas she there. Sudden and also swift and light together thatThe ties gave,And the learned of finalitiesBesides the grave.

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