Looking because that a quick and easy method to inspect student's comprehension? These small chapter quizzes include comprehension questions because that The Lightning Thief, by rick Riordan (The an initial book in the Percy Jackson series). They room short, simple and simple to grade!What's included:• free sample of comprehensi

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This is a 5 page cost-free sample that my highly rated novel examine for The Lightning thief by rick Riordan.This is basic to use, and adaptable for all students!THIS DOWNLOAD INCLUDES:1) 3 pages the student occupational for chapter 1, "I accidentally Vaporize mine Pre-Algebra Teacher." •This consists of the adhering to 6
My students and I have actually loved analysis Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief! as we read, we have actually been focusing on just how the novel relates to standard Greek mythology, and also how come story is told together a whole. In this preview the the very first chapter, friend will gain to check out what will certainly be coming quickly as one en

Includes part STAAR Reading and Writing formatted questions, together as: revising and editing, reading comprehension, and open-book questions.
The Lightning thef by rick Riordan is a great fictional novel to review for middle schoolers. This novel study includes questions which include the complying with types:*reading comprehension*setting*summarizing*citing evidence*figurative language*vocabulary*imagery*predicting*cause/effect*sequencing*char
This is a quick comprehension quiz for Chapter 1 of rick Riordan's 2005 novel The Lightning Thief. There room eight multiple choice questions and two brief responses. Great for homework or together a fast comprehension task after a read aloud!Don't forget, girlfriend can also find a vocabulary word search a
Single page characterization worksheet for the publication or movie Lightning Thief. Contains Percy Jackson, Grover, Annabeth, Zeus, Luke, Mr. Brunner/Chiron, and Poseidon. Looks at physical characteristics, favorites and also fears. For more Percy Jackson Activities, check out:Percy Jackson- Lightning thef
~*GREAT FOR identified ASSESSMENT!*~ This basic comprehension test for The Lightning thef Chapters 1-8 is great for young readers, for older, struggling readers. Or because that older reader with impressive reading needs. The test has 20 multiple choice questions and also one bonus brief answer ques
Add some mythology come your research of The Lightning Thief! In addition to comprehension questions and also vocabulary, this chapter worksheets feature personalities from myths. Try the first activity for free. Click right here for the whole Percy Jackson and also the Olympians book 1 set. Enjoy!Brenda Kovich would certainly you
What is a creation myth? exactly how do matriarchal and patriarchal societies differ? communicate middle and high institution students v myths of creation from ancient Greek civilization. Explore the myth of the cosmic egg and learn just how Eros was initially Phanes, a four-headed, double-sexed deity who to be the moto
Engage English Language art middle and also high schoolers with the old Greek legend of Prometheus FREEBIE — a production story from old Greece around the origins of the human race. Or, is the a story around a god who is chained come rock and also an eagle picks out its liver? Or, is it a story about a rivalr
Percy Jackson and the Lightening ThiefEnjoy this FREEBIE! This is a schedule listening schedule I placed together because that my listening facility to complete during my Guided reading Rotations. Each day is split into 30-45 min increments of hear time. Ns love having questions for the students come answer aft

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