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He take the thunder from the mountainHe take the lightning from the skyHe bring the solid man come his bended kneeHe do the young girl mama cryYou obtained to hidey-hideYou got to jump and also runYou gained to hidey hidey-hideThe old man\"s down the roadHe gained the voices speakin\" riddlesHe got the eye as black as coalHe got a suitcase spanned with rattlesnake hideAnd that stand right in the roadYou acquired to hidey-hideYou gained to jump and also run awayYou obtained to hidey hidey-hideThe old man\"s under the roadHe make the river call your loverHe do the barking of the houndPut the shadow across the windowWhen the old man comes aroundYou obtained to hidey-hideYou gained to jump and also run againYou got to hidey hidey-hideThe old man\"s under the roadThe old guy is under the roadThe old man is under the roadway
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