QUESTION 1 ____ format codes permit you come specify how a cell entryassigned a layout will appear. A. Duplicate b. Individual c.Specific d. Custom 1 points conserve Answer question 2 A ____ is areference to a cell or selection of cell in an additional workbook. A. Codeb. Formula c. Duty d. Link 1 points conserve Answer inquiry 3 Arange that spans 2 or an ext worksheets in a workbook is referred to as a____ range. A. 1-D b. 2-D c. 3-D d. 4-D 1 points save AnswerQUESTION 4 A workbook consists of ____ worksheet(s) by default. A. Oneb. 2 c. Three d. 4 1 points conserve Answer inquiry 5 A(n) ____reference is a formula that relies on its own value. A. Implicitb. Clear c. Singular d. One 1 points conserve Answer concern 6As you link workbooks, the cell reference put by Excel eachtime girlfriend tap or click a cell in a workbook results in a(n) ____cell reference. A. Integrated b. Dynamic c. Absolute d. Relative 1points conserve Answer concern 7 Headers, footers, and margins are all____ options. A. Validation b. Manage c. Page setup d. Calculation1 points conserve Answer question 8 If multiple sheets space selected andyou want to pick the active sheet, if you space using a touchscreen, press and also hold and select ____ from the faster way menu. A.Ungroup Sheets b. Disaggregate Sheets c. Select energetic Sheet d.Quick select 1 points save Answer inquiry 9 that is recommended thatyou use the ____ role on formulas the potentially deserve to resultin more decimal places than the applied format displays. A. IF b.SUM c. Day d. Ring 1 points save Answer question 10 when you haveselected a variety to chart, you deserve to press ____ to attract a chart on aworksheet. A. F5 b. F6 c. F11 d. F12 1 points conserve Answer QUESTION11 The ____ key-board shortcut copies an image of the resource area asa picture. A. CTRL+K b. CTRL+R c. CTRL+I d. CTRL+U 1 point out SaveAnswer question 12 The ____ format is the style style that Excelinitially assigns to all cells in a workbook. A. Traditional b. Numberc. Normal d. Money 1 points conserve Answer inquiry 13 The code____ instructs Excel come insert the web page number in the header orfooter section. A. (LoadPageNum) b. & c. d. 1 points save Answer concern 14 The complying with sequence,1, 1, 1, etc., is an instance of a(n) ____ series. A. Linear b.growth c. Day d. Auto to fill 1 points save Answer concern 15 Thefollowing sequence, 1, 2, 3, etc., is an example of a(n) ____series. A. Linear b. Growth c. Date d. Auto fill 1 clues SaveAnswer concern 16 The following sequence, 2, 4, 6, etc., is anexample of a ____ series. A. Growth b. Fill c. Direct d. Day 1points save Answer question 17 The following sequence, Jan, Feb,Mar, etc., is an instance of a ____ series. A. Fill b. Straight c.growth d. Day 1 points conserve Answer question 18 The course to theComma Style switch is ____. A. (HOME tab | cells group) b. (HOMEtab | Alignment group) c. (HOME tab | Number group) d. (HOME tab |Font group) 1 points save Answer concern 19 The course to the Sumbutton is ____. A. (Editing tab | Calculations group) b. (Inserttab | editing and enhancing group) c. (Home tab | editing group) d. (Data tab |Functions group) 1 points conserve Answer question 20 The process ofsummarizing data consisted of on lot of worksheets ~ above one worksheetlike the one presented in the accompanying number is called ____. A.recapitulation b. Encapsulation c. Summarization d. Consolidation 1points save Answer inquiry 21 come copy the components of a cell tothe cell directly below it, click the target cell and also press ____.a. CTRL+D b. CTRL+X c. CTRL+C d. CTRL+V 1 points save AnswerQUESTION 22 come select adjacent sheets, select the very first sheet byclicking its tab and also then organize down the ____ crucial and click thesheet tab in ~ the other finish of the list of nearby sheet tabs. A.CTRL b. Change c. ALT d. ESC 1 points save Answer concern 23 Toselect nonadjacent sheets, choose the very first sheet by clicking itstab and also then hold down the ____ vital and click the sheet tabs of theremaining sheets you desire to select. A. CTRL b. ESC c. ALT d. SHIFT1 points conserve Answer inquiry 24 when you insert a hand-operated pagebreak, Excel display screens a(n) ____ line between pages. A. Orange b.solid c. Dotted d. Red 1 points save Answer question 25 as soon as youprint a worksheet or usage the web page Setup dialog box, Excel inserts____ breaks that display the boundaries of what will publish on eachpage. A. Ar b. Sheet c. Range d. Web page 1 points save AnswerQUESTION 26 once you publish a worksheet or use the page Setup dialogbox, Excel inserts ____ that show the boundaries of what will certainly printon each page. A. Margins b. Indices c. Selection barriers d. Pagebreaks 1 points conserve Answer inquiry 27 i m sorry of the followingformat password insures the Excel will screen a decimal suggest in thenumber? a. . (period) b. $* c. ( ) d. % (percent) 1 point out SaveAnswer question 28 which of the following format password showspercent values through two decimal places and also shows negative percentvalues in blue through parentheses? a. $*#,##0_;($*#,##0_) b.0.00%;(0.00%) c. 0.00%;(0.00%) d.#,##0.00;(#,##0.00) 1 points save Answer inquiry 29 which ofthe adhering to format symbols screens text along with numbersentered in a cell? a. “ ” (quotation marks) b. # (number sign) c. 0(zero) d. _ (underscore) 1 points save Answer concern 30 which ofthe complying with is the route to the division button? a. (HOME tab | PageSetup group) b. (PAGE LAYOUT tab | Sheet choices group) c. (PAGELAYOUT tab | web page Setup group) d. (VIEW tab | display group) 1 pointsSave Answer concern 31 which of the complying with is the path to theFill button? a. (FORMULAS tab | to fill group) b. (HOME tab | Editinggroup) c. (INSERT tab | editing and enhancing group) d. (DATA tab | to fill group) 1points conserve Answer concern 32 which of the following is the pathto the Insert cell button? a. (INSERT tab | cells group) b. (DATAtab | Insert group) c. (CELLS tab | home group) d. (HOME tab |Cells group) 1 points save Answer concern 33 which of thefollowing is the course to the Switch windows button? a. (VIEW tab |Window group) b. (INSERT tab | see group) c. (VIEW tab | WorkbookViews group) d. (REVIEW tab | windows group) 1 points save AnswerQUESTION 34 i m sorry of the following keyboard shortcuts permits you toselect a range of cells v entries surrounded by blank cells? a.SHIFT+HOME+ASTERISK (*) b. CTRL+SHIFT+ASTERISK (*) c.ALT+SHIFT+ASTERISK (*) d. TAB+SHIFT+ASTERISK (*) 1 points SaveAnswer question 35 friend can display the ____ tab to specify pagesetup options. A. Publish b. SETUP c. Display screen d. Page LAYOUT 1 pointsSave Answer question 36 You can drill all of the following downthrough a workbook other than ____. A. Recipe b. Groupings c. Formatsd. Number 1 points save Answer question 37 You deserve to switch come PageLayout view by clicking the web page Layout button ____. A. (VIEW tab |Show group) b. On the paper tab c. On the standing bar d. (HOME tab |Layout group) 1 points save Answer inquiry 38 You have to click____ in the group list on the Number paper in the format Cellsdialog crate to select or create a layout code. A. Basic b. Customc. Number d. Accounting 1 points save Answer concern 39 you shouldcreate good ____ come ensure your workbooks are complimentary of errors. A.color comparison b. Variety boundaries c. Test data d. None of theabove 1 points save Answer inquiry 40 girlfriend should hold down the____ vital to pick the nonadjacent cells. A. Finish b.

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