I'm a sims 2 machinima maker, and a mac user. I have actually the sims 2 super repertoire which is a download indigenous the application store, however apartment life and cost-free time were never ever coded because that macs...so the doesn't encompass them. In order to with my full movie making potential, ns would favor apartment life and cost-free time.

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I've heard that you can run bootcamp and also install the games on over there - however i guess i am just puzzled on how specifically that works and how id go around it.... Would certainly i need to re-install the computer disk version of every single game while bootcamp is running? how specifically does the work?

also, i have actually the old sims 2 mac disks, and i make the efforts to download them (not top top bootcamp) but it literally claimed the games are as well old to be installed...how carry out i recognize it wouldn't say the if ns were to operation bootcamp too?

any advice or knowledge is appreciated, thank you.

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I've recently encountered this situation. :( The just thing you have the right to do is set up a partition with bootcamp.

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So, basically, what you carry out is operation Boot Camp Assistant (it comes already installed on your Mac), and also you basically install home windows on your computer. Inspect Here

So, together you run the utility, it'll ask you come allocate room on your HD for Windows. I have actually a 256 GB 2015 MBP. The very first time, i allocated favor 45 GB...and it wasn't enough. Home windows itself takes up a bit of space, and also the Ultimate collection is ~12 GB. What i wound increase doing is uninstalling the Super collection on my Mac come make much more room, and also moved a bunch that extra ingredient to mine EXT HD...and then set up the partition.

Luckily for you, you have the Sims 2 CDs. If you have a copy the the basic Game's CD , when you download origin on your home windows partition, girlfriend can contact Origin's virtual support and also they have the right to gift friend the ultimate Collection. (You might challenge resistance, but just it is in persistent, and offer to present a picture of your game collection/etc)

(Now you can be wonder why friend don't just call Origin right now, get the ultimate Collection, and also install that on your Mac as is. Well, the unfortunate thing is the the can be fried Collection only runs on Windows.)