let a = 4let b: Int32 = 100let c: UInt8 = 12It seems that we cannot include or minus once the variables are blended types.

So what"s the an outcome of this problem?

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Swift disallows math operations between different numeric types. Writing:

let result = a + b - c // error...is one error. Uneven you have certain requirements, choose all the operands space non-negative, the dominance of thumb is to transform everything to the widest data type, in this situation Int:

let an outcome = a + Int(b) - Int(c) // 92


For a finish answer I would say

"Swift go not enable you to do math with various mathematical types. The expression a+b-c will certainly throw one error, so we require to actors all the worths to the very same type:

let result = a+Int(b)-Int(c)"

(As Code various says in their answer, you should "promote" values to the widest/richest form e.g. From smaller sized integer types to larger, from unsigned to signed, or from integer to floating allude if any kind of of the values space floating point.)


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