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Can we just admit that life is hard?

Can we stop hiding our sorrow and also pain and struggles and difficulties and let civilization in ~ above what’s walking on?

I truly believe that if we did, we’d all be much better for it.

Because no one-really, truly no one-is spared indigenous some type of problem. And also for countless of us, it has nothing to carry out with our very own choices. It’s went to upon us from the outside.

It comes out of nowhere, wake up fast and suddenly spend every facet of our lives.

If you space a believer in Jesus, you can think you need to be immune to this hardships. You can do a fast calculation and also decide that, ~ above balance, you’ve led a pretty kind life and also certainly God should notification and preventive you and also yours from dreadful tragedy.

Or you could look roughly and an alert all those that leave hurt and also heartache in your wake and also wonder why castle seem come live a charmed life if death and also destruction have actually visited yours.


No matter just how you try to disguise it, fatality is a hard pill to swallow.

Jesus didn’t refuse that.

Today’s verses are some of the many poignant in His lengthy discourse to the disciples together He to be preparing them for His death.

Jesus knew they had actually questions come ask of Him, therefore He approached them.

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Jesus:Are you trying to number out what I mean when i say you will watch Me in a small while?20I tell girlfriend the truth, a time is approaching once you will certainly weep and mourn while the world is celebrating. You will grieve, but that grief will offer birth to great joy.21-22In the same means that a mrs labors in an excellent pain throughout childbirth only to forget the intensity of the pain when she holds she child, once I return, her labored grief will certainly also adjust into a delight that can not be stolen.23When every this transpires, girlfriend will finally have the answers you have been seeking. Ns tell you the truth, anything you ask that the dad in mine name, that will provide to you.24Until this moment, you have actually not sought ~ anything in mine name. Ask and you will obtain so the you will certainly be filled with joy.

John 16: 19-24 VOICE

Notice that Jesus didn’t wait because that his disciples to approach Him v their questions. The end of compassion and love, the approached THEM.

He walk the exact same with us today.

Many that the concerns I’ve struggled with due to the fact that Dominic ran ahead to Heaven room answered in Scripture.

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That’s why the is so, so crucial to check out my Bible. Some days I use a concordance to help me discover pertinent verses, occasionally the divine Spirit bring them to mind. No every question will it is in answered this side of eternity. But at the the very least I to be reminded that God’s faithful love and trustworthy character.

Jesus begins by asserting what He to know is true yet wants them to affirm: “You’ve gained some questions, don’t you?”

Then the acknowledges your pain. the doesn’t shy far from saying that things will feel unfair. It will show up as despite evil has won and the Kingdom the God defeated.

But climate He uses hope.

Their grief will at some point turn come joy.

I think this happiness is twofold-they had actually a taste that it once Jesus revealed himself as increased Savior throughout the forty days after ~ the resurrection. But the fullness that that pleasure for them, like us, is only available in eternity.


Childbirth together analogy because that this life leading right into the following is therefore helpful!

When laboring to bring forth a baby, nobody knows for sure how long that disastrous pain will certainly last. In the middle of it, much more than one mama has actually thought (and periodically said or screamed), “I don’t want to do this!”

But that exact same mama, as soon as handed her precious child, regularly bursts right into joyous tears that wash away the memory of how impossible it every seemed just moments before.

How plenty of of united state would gladly go with every minute of ache to have our child back in ours arms?

No woman is pregnant forever.

Sooner or later that baby will certainly be born.

This life of travail won’t critical forever either.

By fatality or transformation, we will certainly be freed indigenous this earthly tent. The worn out and worn down will be revived and renewed.

One day-one glorious Day-I will have every answer ns seek.

Jesus says, “when i return” and “when this transpires” your grief will revolve to joy.

I have a foretaste the ultimate pleasure in the comfort, ministry and companionship of the holy Spirit. However I cannot understand fullness of joy until Jesus returns.

and also that pleasure will overwhelm every heartache.



Can friend relate come the disciples’ fear of asking Jesus your questions? Why or why not?Do you have actually a concordance? perform you know exactly how to use it? have you ever looked up verses as soon as you had a specific question?Just as it’s really difficult to define both the strongness of the pains of childbirth and also the intensity of the delight of holding her baby, it’s difficult for united state to totally comprehend how the pain of this life will at some point be swallowed increase by happiness in eternity. Compose 3 ways you think this is a good analogy. How could this help you hold onto hope in the lengthy “labor” of life while wait for “delivery” ~ above God’s promises?I admit I’m impatient for several of the answers to mine questions. I have to remind mine heart the no lot of time will certainly seem lengthy in comparison come what waits for me. Just how do you aid your love make peace with the idea that many, countless years may stretch before you there is no answers?C.S. Lewis to be a gifted writer and also faithful monitor of Jesus. Read the quote over slowly, repeatedly and also thoughtfully. Carry out you agree or disagree? Why or why not?


Lord, You execute not despise mine questions.

You don’t intend me to transcend my frail person understanding. Once I lug my inquiries to You, you may not offer me the answer ns seek but You constantly give me mercy, grace and much more of Yourself.

Help me host onto the word picture You mutual with her disciples. No labor lasts forever. I have the right to rest assured that yet long life lasts because that me top top earth, it will be but the tiniest blip in light of eternity. Agony here-yes, and also often much more than ns think I have the right to bear. But joy unspeakable is waiting!

Thank You because that the expect I have actually in Jesus. Give thanks to You for your grace.

Give me stamin to endure no matter how hard it may become. Assist me finish strong and get in Heaven with “Hallelujah!” on mine lips.