Tinkerbell POVTerence couldn't assist but to just dance approximately his room, connecting with the an are he has roughly him. That felt the plants approximately him breath and also he laughed once they danced through him."I can't believe I'm royalty!"he prancedFor a minute he just stopped and also thought just how lucky he was to have a new start at life in ROYALTY!Not gonna lie, I'm a little bit jealous.We were offered a full tour of the Pixie hollow tree and I found out why its called the Pixie hollow Tree...its hollow and also I didn't also known there was more to what was already to it is in seen. That is a little like the Tardis...its obtained a lot an ext inside than there looks. We must've been within the tree because that 2 hours...just because that the tour. It was madness.

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I was invited to continue to be for part casserole and also during the enjoy the meal I discovered something out about my past. "Tinkerbell...do you know anything around your past?" i was asked"Only that ns was born from a babies laughter...why?" ns responded perplexed"Well...that's what we told everyone, yet we were all born in different way unless we were the initial fairies then us were born by a babies laughter. Really, you to be made by a potion blended in v your mother and also fathers DNA. As soon as that happened they pass away knowing you would do okay in life since you've acquired their genes. Yet you will certainly live as soon as you and Terence have kids due to the fact that he's royalty. Royalty is born by...actually friend don't desire to know" she explained.My mouth gaped together I nearly went face an initial into my casserole. Terence recorded me."WHEN me and Terence have actually KIDS!!!??? as soon as did this come about." i yelled in shock"Well Milori has this thing where he deserve to predict the future, yet its not always correct" the queen reassured."So that means...me and Terence space meant to be?" ns questioned.I looked over at Terence to discover his face red with embarrassment but likewise made his mouth right into a smirk."Well...?" Terence smirked.I stated nothing and also just smiled.

After an ambrosial dinner, me and also Terence make out way to his room. We just led top top his hammock  because that a while, his arm approximately me, hold me tight; ns felt the his firm was sufficient to do me feel safe and also I love it. "Terence" i softly spoke"Yeah" he replied back, feather deeply into my eyes"What to be the challenge you to be pulling in ~ dinner, you know the smirk?""Well...I...want kids someday, and I want kids with girlfriend Tink"My jaw dropped. He wants youngsters with me, this is so much to take it in. Yet I didn't desire to get up and leave. Being in his existence fixes everything. He's always gonna be on my mind.He lugged his hand end to mine jaw and also closed mine mouth and also just laughed. He took his finger and also thumb and also brought mine mouth to his, still holding my chin."Say 3 words that'll average something to our relationship" Terence whispered in my ear. I giggled, took a deep breath and also spoke,"I...love...you""I love girlfriend too" and also he kissed me as soon as again.

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I dropped asleep, gift warm and comfortable in his arms and I think that felt the same. We were later woken by a soft knocking top top the door, which was then followed by a soothing voice."Terence, time because that bed honey" spoke his mumHe groaned in an answer telling her he already was."Okay" and with that us went ago to our relaxed slumber.

Terence POVMy room got also cooler once I to be awoken by birds singing your song, making use of the circulation of the wind to store their pace. I gazed roughly the room in awe as I as soon as again appreciated what I have been given in life. I heard a couple of sounds of pain and also looked under to watch Tinkerbell wincing together she stretched on the cold dust floor. She looked puzzled for a little while before remembering she fell asleep in my arms, and also somehow ended up ~ above the floor. She grumpily looked up at me, her face red through anger and flew out of the window. I couldn't aid but laugh.

I waited 5 minutes simply swinging left and also right in my bed waiting for Tinkerbell to come flying in. Ns counted under the minutes until the last 5 seconds...5...4...3...2...1...and in came a tinker through a new invention. "See you came back..." ns teased"Shhhhh, lemme define what this is" she ordered "So this contraption is called...wait because that it....the smellinator."