The masculine reproductive system includes all other than which of the following? A. Testes B. Epididymis C. Prick D. Prostate E. Fimbriae
Seminal fluid consists of _____, chemicals that reason the uterus to contract. A. Androgens B. Progesterones C. Fructose D. Prostaglandins E. Estrogens
Trace the correct path of the sperm throughout ejaculation. A. Urethra → vas deferens → seminal vesicles → testes B. Testes → urethra → vas deferens → dick C. Seminiferous tubules → epididymis → vas deferens → urethra D. Seminiferous tubules → vas deferens → epididymis → urethra
The energy source for sperm to swim originates from A. Save on computer fat molecule in the acrosome. B. Stored sugar molecules in the sperm head. C. Fructose sugar in the surrounding seminal fluids added by the seminal vesicles. D. Protein malfunction by mitochondria in the middle of the sperm.

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In the human being male, the tube offered to carry both sperm and urine is the A. Ureter. B. Seminiferous tubule. C. Vas deferens. D. Urethra.
Which association worrying structures in the person male is incorrect? A. Testes—produce sperm B. Vas deferens—carries pee C. Prostate gland—seminal liquid D. Urethra—conducts sperm E. Seminal vesicle—seminal fluid
A functional advantage of having human testes in the scrotum fairly than in the abdomen is A. Absence of room in the abdomen. B. A shorter sperm duct. C. A more direct blood supply. D. Lower temperature.
In the human being male, sperm cells are created in the A. Interstitial tissue. B. Urethra. C. Seminiferous tubules. D. Vas deferens.
If we reduced a cross-section with the testes, we would view A. Individual sperm follicles through all future immature sperm present. B. Big chambers lined with occurring sperm. C. Small tubules inside wall with emerging sperm. Sperm. D. Level layers that tissue prefer pages, inside wall with emerging sperm.
What is the function of the Sertoli cell in the male reproductive tract? A. Create an alkaline fluid included to the semen B. Create sperm cells through meiosis C. Activate the sperm cells so they can swim quickly D. Support and regulate the spermatogenic cells
The masculine sex hormones are secreted through which of the following? A. Spermatids B. Interstitial cell C. Vas deferens D. Prostate
Which of the adhering to is responsible for controlling the manufacturing of male sex hormones? A. Testosterone B. Progesterone C. GnRH D. FSH E. LH
Why carry out testes shrink as soon as male athletes take man-made steroid testosterone hormones? A. Testosterone itself has actually the straight effect of shrinking the testes. B. Man-made chemicals space not the very same in action as herbal chemicals. C. The guilt reaction in the mind causes a reverse hormone action. D. The pituitary detects high levels of testosterone in the bloodstream and also reduces FSH and also LH.
LH stimulates the ______ of the testis to create ______. A. Seminiferous tubules; sperm B. Seminiferous tubules; testosterone C. Interstitial cells; sperm D. Interstitial cells; testosterone
LH is an abbreviation because that luteinizing hormone, i m sorry is existing in both males and also females. In the male, LH A. Has actually no recognized physiological function. B. Is made by the hypothalamus. C. Is one antibody. D. Controls manufacturing of testosterone.
Which structure in human beings produces FSH? A. Hypothalamus B. Ovary C. Uterus D. Pituitary E. Interstitial cells
Secondary sexual qualities in the masculine are directly maintained by the hormone A. Testosterone. B. Estrogen. C. FSH. D. LH. E. Progesterone.

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Castrating prepubescent bulls reasons them to flourish in mrs proportions due to the fact that A. Damages the brain. B. Castration permits ovaries come develop and secrete estrogens. C. Small levels that estrogens are created by the adrenal glands and fat tissue; v the absence of testosterone, a body establishes along mrs patterns. D. The existence of live sperm is crucial for the growth of horns and other bull features.