Chapter 17. PublishingSection 7. Use of the main Seal, Logo, regime Logos and also Internal Logos

1.17.7 usage of the main Seal, Logo, program Logos and also Internal Logos

Manual Transmittal

October 12, 2021


(1) This transmits amendment IRM 1.17.7, Publishing, usage of the main Seal, Logo, program Logos, and also Internal Logos.

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Material Changes

(1) IRM, terminology - Revised definitions for architecture Standards and also Logos to eliminate supplemental information.

(2) IRM, hatchet - put a quote tag for paper 12999 and included a clickable connect for users.

(3) IRM, design Standards - produced this new subsection to contain supplemental information around design Standards.

(4) IRM, importance of standards - created this new subsection come contain supplemental information around Logos.

(5) IRM, Legal government - included content connected to government Seals Wrongfully Used and Instruments Wrongfully Sealed indigenous 18 U.S. Code, subsection 1017.

(6) IRM, production of QR password - included content come clarify the role and responsibility for producing QR codes.

(7) IRM, Logos - Renamed and also included brand-new subsection on Logos.

(8) IRM, Endorsed Logos - Renumbered come accommodate introductory contents in IRM ~ above Logos.

(9) IRM, development or review of Endorsed Logos and IRM, Approval process for Endorsed Logos - Renumbered to accommodate brand-new content in IRM, Endorsed Logos.

(10) IRM, regulation Enforcement Badge, and IRM, Affiliated Employee organizations - Renumbered come accommodate new content in IRM, Logos.

(11) Revised content throughout to conform to level Writing requirements and also for editorial accuracy.

Steven R. MannoDirector, PublishingWage & investment Division

Over the last number of decades, the organized and managed miscellaneous logos and brand photos that determine products and also services. The critical reorganization the the in 1998, mandated through Public legislation 105–206, established preliminary criter for creating and using released products.

When there is a lack of plainly defined standards, the has sometimes provided the Treasury or seals inappropriately by modifying the size, color, shape, content, or purpose of the seal. The seal and the logo have actually occasionally showed up on published commodities interchangeably and also incorrectly.

Media & publication (M&P) collaborated with communications & Liaison (C&L) to develop a cooperation to properly regulate logos.

The Publishing duty in M&P created paper 12749, One architecture Standards and Guidelines, to aid product content owners/originators create communications that are uniform and also clear in intent and language, both verbally and visually. Paper 12749 describes crucial branding elements and guidelines for usage of design, and will aid communicate the messages, maintain integrity, and fulfill the mission that style standards.

IRM 1.17.7 includes vital design standards established in document 12749 and additional standards/guidelines implemented and also approved for use by the architecture staff and also approved stakeholders.

This update gives the design staff and also stakeholders through prevailing language the supports design standards and also educates individuals on existing architecture guidelines and standards because that various products used internally and externally.

Business Operating division (BOD): to adjust under the Commissioner, the service is split into service operating divisions. Examples of BODs include: chief Counsel, interactions & Liaison, wage & Investment, and Facilities Management and Security Services. An overview of the architecture standards for each BOD is contained in record 12749-U, architecture Standards One sheet Booklet, and also in IRM, Resources.

Business Operating department Entity (BOD Entity): The official name of any office within a BOD that has a manager and also physical ar in the executive, management directory.

Contractor: any type of non-governmental commercial company that offers goods and also services, particularly design-related goods and also services, based on a contractual agreement and a structured fees as figured out through the federal government Publishing Office (GPO).

Design Office: The only office in ~ the that maintains style Standards. The design Office is situated within the M&P organization and is responsible because that the development, creation, and facilitation of graphic design services asked for by organization operating divisions, organizations, and also programs.

Design Standards: These collection guidelines and requirements for creating all published assets used internally and externally. These criter are published in paper 12999 and provide clear and also concise explanation for how approved visual details specialists must use graphic elements (i.e., color, fonts, images, etc.) provided to design a product.

Document: A published product intended because that internal-use only by employees and also is figured out numerically starting with file number “5001”. The content is generally for informational or administrative purposes. Documents are not generally spread to the public.

Envelope: A product supplied to hold or mail other products. We develop envelopes in assorted standard and customized sizes and customers have the right to order them with the Envelope Program. You can order envelopes virtual using form 9880, FY 2015 Envelope bespeak or paper 9589, Envelope ordering Information, and/or straight from the contractor, v your publishing specialist, utilizing a federal government purchase card.

Form: A product used as a data collection instrument published or electronically reproduced with space for pour it until it is full in information, descriptive product or addresses. All forms must encompass instructions because that use. Develops are the major contact between the and taxpayers and also are the most typically used published commodities by employees. Publishing has actually the authority to protect against the usage of any type of unofficial type or published product that was not created through M&P. As soon as we recognize an unofficial product, Publishing will advise the BOD’s representative come request help from publishing to bring such items into compliance. Logo: The letters creating “” and is constantly combined through the eagle symbol. Product Identifier: Product-specific info that consists of the product type, revision date, and also catalog details (See Figure 1.17.7-8, Product Identifier). The Product identifier distinguishes products and also versions indigenous one an additional for ordering and also cataloging purposes. All official products must have actually an Product Identifier and also be preserved in Publishing’s main point Repository of published Products. Seal: The main identification with the native “Internal Revenue Service” and “Treasury” encircling the official shield. The Seal should never appear in conjunction with the Logo. See Figure 1.17.7-4, main Seal. Symbol: likewise known together the " Eagle." The price is comprised of the Eagle alone, not accompanied through the acronym “” in that approved logo design fixed positions (See Figure 1.17.7-1, Symbol). Wayfinding System: An interior identification system that incorporates the name of the BOD, a horizontal line, and BOD reality (See Figure 1.17.7-7, Wayfinding device Configuration Examples). The Wayfinding mechanism creates a constant yet effective way for every offices to determine themselves there is no the usage of separation, personal, instance logos. The Logo shows up to the left the the BOD or BOD reality text. Reliable January 1, 2010, the Wayfinding system replaced the use of every logos used to stand for a BOD, office program, project, job force, or other entity within a BOD.

Letter: Public-use products sent straight to taxpayers. All letter must bring a signature and also advise the taxpayer where to straight inquiries (unless a contact stuffer is enclosed).

Logo: A graphic note or emblem generally used by government agencies, advertising enterprises, private-sector organizations, and also individuals to help and promote instant public recognition.

Media & publication (M&P): The M&P office official manages every logos and identities Servicewide. M&P catalogues every logos to establish a library for authorized visual information specialists.

Notice: A product the sends out if that believes a taxpayer owes added tax, is early out a bigger refund, or if there is a question around a tax return or a require for extr information.

Post: every cataloged published assets must be available (posted) for individuals via the Intranet or Internet. Trained visual information and also publishing specialists room authorized to short article files to do them electronically obtainable to users.

Product: things produced in digital or difficult copy format and used by exterior or inner users come request, capture, inform, instruct, or administer information.

Product contents owners/originators: The human being within the that requests the creation of a product, gives content because that a product, and helps determine the audience for and also intent that a product.

Publication: A product the is generally for windy use yet can additionally be provided by employees. A publication have the right to be either taxes or non-tax related.

Publishing solutions Request (PSR): The official electronic request for every publishing and graphic style services. Product content owners/originators deserve to submit a PSR for a company request at Publishing cannot complete any requests there is no an approved PSR.

Publishing Specialists. Staff that works v the product content owners/originators, design Office, C&L, Distribution, and other internal and also external stakeholders come coordinate, procure, and also distribute published products.

Stakeholder: all individuals and organizations the are proactively involved in the perfect of a posting project. Stakeholders consists internal and also external product content owners/originators and end users.

Treasury Seal: The official seal provided on commodities only once the room of the Treasury is the major owner of the content. The seal does not contain the words “Internal Revenue Service.” The Treasury Seal is never ever used on a solitary product in conjunction through the logo or main Seal. View Figure 1.17.7-5, main Department of the Treasury Seal.

Visual info Specialist: A trained graphic designer who is approved to develop and also design printed and also multimedia products. A visual info specialist is the subject-matter professional (SME) for every graphic style inquiries and requests and also must it is in contacted upon the creation, revision, or obsolescence of an architecture product. The architecture Office develops qualifications for authorized visual details specialists.

Honesty and also Integrity. We uphold the public trust in every that we do; we space honest and also forthright in all our internal and external dealings.

Respect. We treat every colleague, employee, and taxpayer v dignity and respect.

Continuous Improvement. We seek to execute the ideal that we have the right to today, if embracing change, so the we have the right to perform even better in the future.

Inclusion. We embrace diversity the background, experience, and perspective.

Openness and Collaboration. Us share information and collaborate, recognizing that we room a team.

Personal Accountability. We take obligation for ours actions and also decisions and learn and grow from our accomplishments and mistakes.

The architecture Standards carry out not stifle design, but instead ensure the the is clearly identified when a designer uses distinctive images and also typography to attract attention to a product or service. Using these standards equips the to maintain a consistent appearance in a variety of print and electronic communications. Although all published products must reflect the style Standards, only approved visual info specialists can use and also apply the criter to products. The customer, or product contents owners/originators, must submit a Publishing services Request (PSR) to meet with a visual information specialist and also initiate design services. Document 12999, One Look. One Voice. One, provides an overview of the style standards. Information employees need to know around architecture Standards is posted virtual at:

Every written communication presented come internal and external audiences provides an chance to affirm and strengthen knowledge and understanding that the distinctive character and mission of the

The emphasis of graphic identification is very often a symbol or logo. However, an identification system is much much more than the use of a symbol.

A substantial graphic system is a framework for communicating and presenting details logically, clearly, and cohesively. Adhering to typically accepted requirements is valuable to the entire business and enables the to create clear and understandable products in both print and also electronic format.

Implementation of standards establishes greater awareness that the and enables the company to convey a distinctive identity v its products and also programs where appropriate. style Standards increase efficiency to assist all stakeholders save time, money, and resources when developing published products.

Anyone producing materials because that the, consisting of employees, have to adhere to the policies in IRM 1.17.7, guidelines in document 12749, One style Standards and also Guidelines, as well as other needs issued by M&P and C&L.

M&P will certainly contact any type of product contents owners/originators or owner if a product does not comply with the guidance set forth in IRM 1.17.7. M&P will occupational with each customer to solve discrepancies.

All employees, contractors, and also service providers need to abide through all established standards and report any misuse instantly to M&P.

M&P has actually the right to refuse to publish, post, create, design, alter, adjust, fix, or authorize the usage of any kind of product that does not comply through the standards set forth in IRM 1.17.7.

Failure to comply v or knowingly hurt style Standards, or using any logo in one unethical way, room subject to any of the legal ramifications denoted in IRM, legitimate Authority.

M&P is the steward that graphic aspects for the whole, regardless of the beginning or entity. This stewardship consists of the ownership and also management of all style Standards, the Seal, Logo, internal endorsed logos, endorsed Logos, and also the legislation enforcement badge, and also organizational identities.

M&P share stewardship of the style Standards through the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and manages the’ visual design program in partnership with C&L.

All official logos and also identity variations room cataloged to create a library that products for usage by approved visual info specialists.

The owns the Seal, Logo, endorsed Logos, and the legislation enforcement badge.

Treasury Directive 73–04 (09–11–2001) requires that ideal controls be inserted on the use of seals and also other main insignia the the department and also its bureaus.

M&P is responsible for managing and also enforcing the rules concerning all design Standards and Guidelines, consisting of logos. See file 12749, One design Standards and also Guidelines, and record 12999, One Look. One Voice. One, for added information.

Title 18 USC 701, enacted June 25, 1948, governs the use of company seals and insignias. This state reads together follows: “Whoever manufactures, sells, or possesses any badge, to know card, or various other insignia of the style prescribed by the head of any kind of department or company of the United claims for usage by any officer or employee thereof, or any type of colorable imitation thereof, or photographs, prints, or in any type of other manner provides or executes any type of engraving, photograph, print, or impression in the likeness of any kind of such badge, to know card, or other insignia, or any colorable imitation thereof, except as authorized under regulations made pursuant to law, need to be fined under this title or imprisoned not much more than six months, or both.” employees space subject come the criter of moral Conduct at 5 CFR component 2635.702. The reselling of item bearing the symbols to personnel, the use of such an item to coerce a benefit, and the usage of things in a way that creates the appearance the the endorses or sanctions a private activity are all examples of employee command that would certainly violate the criter of ethical Conduct.

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Per 18 U.S. Code, subsection 1017, whoever fraudulently or wrongfully affixes or impresses the seal of any department or company of the joined States, come or upon any type of certificate, instrument, commission, document, or paper or with understanding of its fraudulent character, with wrongful or fraudulent intent, uses, buys, procures, sells, or transfers to an additional any such certificate, instrument, commission, document, or paper, to which or top top which stated seal has actually been for this reason fraudulently affixed or impressed, shall it is in fined under this location or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.