Vi sitter här ns venten och spelar lite DotA = we are sitting right here in ventrillo and playing a little DOTA

Å pushar på å smeker = is that like: and also pushing .... Med motståndet through leker = is it favor : through the opponnents we play?

Vi sitter här i venten och spelar lite DotA = we room sitting below in ventrillo and also playing a little bit DOTA

Å springer runt å creepar = is it favor : running around and also creeping ?

Och motståndet by means of sleepar =is it choose : and we fighting against sleep ?

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You deserve to make a sweden verb out of noþeles by placing an -a at the end of a word. Pusha, creepa(r) and also sleepa(r) are instances of DotA gaming state turned right into Swedish verbs.

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"Pusha" (to push) is a DotA game term an interpretation to push the lanes into the opponent territory to gain map control.

"Creepa" (to creep) is a DotA video game term definition to death the neutral monster to get gold and experience.

"Sleepa" (to sleep) is a DotA video game term definition to placed an opponent under a sleep standing effect.

Here "smeka" is (Stockholm?) slang definition "to pwn".

Here's mine translation:

We sit below in the Ventrilo (chat) and play part DotA.

And (we're) pushing on and pwning, and also toying v our opponents.

We sit right here in the Ventrilo (chat) and play part DotA.

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And operation around and creep, and the enemies we sleep.

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