The vulva is the exterior female genitalia. The vagina is the opened that connects the internal to the exterior organs.

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Look for yourself

Do you recognize what her vulva looks like? take a mirror, then you deserve to see and also feel every the different parts of that properly.

Make sure you’re on your own, and no one deserve to walk in top top you.Lean earlier on a pillow, pull up her legs and let them loss either side of you.Take the mirror. Pull her labia – the lips of your vagina – open up a small so you have the right to see whatever properly.Apart from looking carefully, friend can additionally feel.

You may notification that your labia minora (inner lips), labia majora (outer lips), or clitoris is not visible. If this is the case, and if friend remember going with a unique ceremony to come to be a woman when you to be younger, girlfriend may have actually been circumcised or cut.

Check out the ar on female genital cut to learn an ext about exactly how this could influence the way your vulva looks.


It’s advantageous to obtain to understand your own body well. Climate you recognize what you look like. You likewise know what feel good, what friend like, and also what you nothing like. As soon as you have actually sex, it"ll be less complicated for you to let her partner recognize what girlfriend want.No 2 women space alike!

So your vulva may look various from this ones:



Use heat water come wash your vulva. It’s no a good idea to use soap, especially on your inner labia and also inside her vagina.Soap have the right to upset the organic balance of bacteria and actually do you more likely to get yeast (fungal) infections. The can likewise be a reason of itching and irritation or pain during intercourse. If friend do select to wash her labia with soap, usage a tenderness one without strong perfumes.


The labia – which means lips – safeguard the enntrance gate to the vagina. There space two outer labia and two inside labia.

The labia are complete of glands that develop fluid so your vagina it s okay moist when you’re sexually aroused.The inner and also outer labia are also called the labia minora and also labia majora. This way the smaller and larger labia, though, in reality, the inner labia are frequently larger 보다 the external labia.Look for yourself

Every woman"s labia look at different. Some women’s labia space large, some space small. Pubic hair grow on the outer labia. The within labia are in between the outer labia, and also the skin is generally a little darker.

Size and shape

There is no normal dimension for your inner labia. Unfortunately, if girlfriend look in medical publications or discover pictures top top the web you"re most likely to uncover white models, and also people v ‘fashionably’ small labia.The models may also have had surgery to make their labia smaller. This way young girls and women are regularly unaware of simply how many natural sports there room in the way labia look. Labia come in countless different shapes and sizes!Most women"s inner labia thrive to between 0 and also 6 centimetres (2.3 inches) beyond the outer labia. Part ethnic groups such together Khoisan and also San in southerly Africa have also longer inner labia – as much as 10 centimetres (4 inches) past the external labia.

What are labia for?

Both the outer and inner labia help to stop bacteria, viruses, or anything else that can be harmful from getting into the vagina. Unfortunately, lock can’t keep all the bacteria at bay, i beg your pardon is why the so essential to have safe sex and use condoms! The inside lips can additionally increase pleasurable feelings throughout masturbation and also sex.

No labia?

If friend don’t have actually labia, read more in the ar on female genital cutting.


The clitoris is the sexual body organ most connected with sexual pleasure – in fact, that’s every it’s there for! The guideline of the clitoris is ~ above the outside of your body, yet a big part of the is actually hidden away inside you.

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The outer component is a small bump between your labia, where they accomplish at the top. The often about the size of a pea, but it deserve to be enlarge or smaller. The tip have the right to be covered by a tiny hood. The colour of a woman’s clitoris counts on her skin tone. It deserve to be pink, deep red, or brown.