Hyde Flippo taught the German language for 28 year at high school and also college levels and published several books on the German language and culture.

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Whether you\"re celebrating Christmas in a German-speaking nation or you desire to bring a few old-world traditions home, these German phrases and also traditions will make her holiday important authentic. The an initial two sections listed below contain general German Christmasand new Year\"s greetings adhered to by the English translations. The succeeding sections room grouped alphabetically, v the English indigenous or phrase printed first, complied with by the German translations.

German nouns constantly start v a resources letter, unequal English, whereby only ideal nouns or noun that begin a sentence are capitalized. German noun are likewise generally came before by an article, such asdieor der, which method \"the\" in English. So, research the tables, and you\"ll it is in sayingFröhliche Weihnachten! (Merry Christmas) as well as many various other German holiday greetings in no time.

German Greeting

English Translation

Ich wünsche

I wish

Wir wünschen

We wish




You all


You, formal

deiner Familie

Your family

Ein frohes Fest!

A joyous holiday!

Frohe Festtage!

Season\"s Greetings! / Happy Holidays!

Frohe Weihnachten!

Merry Christmas!

Frohes Weihnachtsfest!

joyous Christmas celebration!

Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Merry Christmas!

Ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest!

A blessed/joyous Christmas!

Gesegnete Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr!

A blessed Christmas and a happy new year!

Herzliche Weihnachtsgrüße!

Best Christmas greetings!

Ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und alles Gute zum neuen Jahr!

A joyful Christmas (festival) and best wishes because that the brand-new year!

Zum Weihnachtsfest

besinnliche Stunden!

Contemplative / reflective hours throughout the Christmas celebration!

Ein frohes und besinnliches Weihnachtsfest!

A merry and also reflective/thoughtful Christmas!

German new Year’s Greetings

German Saying

English Translation

Alles Gute zum neuen Jahr!

Best wishes because that the new year!

Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

A an excellent start in the new year!

Prosit Neujahr!

Happy new Year!

Ein glückliches neues Jahr!

Happy brand-new Year!

Glück und Erfolg ns neuen Jahr!

Good fortune and also success in the new year!

Zum neuen Jahr Gesundheit, Glück und viel Erfolg!

Health, happiness, and also much success in the new year!

arrival to Baumkuchen

Advent (Latin for \"arrival, coming\") is the four-week duration leading up to Christmas. In German-speaking countries and most ofEurope,the very first Advent weekend is the traditional start of the Christmas seasonwhen open-air Christmas markets (Christkindlmärkte) appear in numerous cities, the most famous ones gift in Nuremberg and Vienna.

Baumkuchen, listed below, is a\"tree cake,\" a layered cake whose interior resembles tree rings once cut.

English indigenous of Phrase

German Translation

Advent calendar(s)


Advent season


Advent wreath



der Engel

Basel chocolate balls

Basler Brunsli


der Baumkuchen

candles to Crèche (Manger)

Candles, through their light and also warmth, have actually long been supplied in German winter celebrations as signs of the sun in the dark that winter. Believer later adopted candles as their very own symbols of the \"Light of the World.\" Candles additionally play crucial role in Hanukkah, the eight-day Jewish \"Festival of Lights.\"

English indigenous or Phrase

German Translation

Carol(s), Christmas carol(s):

Weihnachtslied (-er)


der Karpfen


der Schornstein


der Chor

Crèche, manger

die Krippe

Christmas to Crescent

Christ child translates right into German asdas Christkind or das Christkindl.The moniker \"Kris Kringle\" is actually a corruption ofChristkindl. Words came into American English via the Pennsylvania Germans, whose neighbors misunderstood the German word for the bringer the gifts. Through the passage of time, Santa Claus (from dutch Sinterclaas) and also Kris Kringle came to be synonymous. The Austrian city ofChristkindlbeiSteyris a popular Christmas short article office, one Austrian \"North Pole.\"

English indigenous or Phrase

German Translation


das Weihnachten, das Weihnachtsfest

Christmas bread/cake, fruit cake

der Stollen, der Christstollen, der Striezel

Christmas card(s)


Christmas Eve


Christmas market(s)

Weihnachtsmarkt, Christkindlesmarkt

Christmas pyramid

die Weihnachtspyramide

Christmas tree

der Christbaum, der Tannenbaum, der Weihnachtsbaum

Cinnamon star(s)

Zimtstern: Star-shaped, cinnamon-flavored Christmastime cookies


Kekse, Kipferln, Plätzchen




Krippe, Kripplein



father Christmas to Glass round

In the 16th century, Protestants, led by boy name Luther, introduced \"Father Christmas\" to replace Saint Nicholas and also to avoid the Catholic saints. In the Protestant components of Germany and also Switzerland, Saint Nicholas becameder Weihnachtsmann(\"Christmas Man\"). In the U.S., he came to be known as Santa Claus, while in England children look forward to a visit from father Christmas.

English native of Phrase

German Translation

Father Christmas (Santa Claus)

der Weihnachtsmann:

Fir tree

der Tannenbaum (-bäume)

Fruit bread (Christmas bread)

der Stollen, das Kletzenbrot


die Girlande


das Geschenk

Gift giving

die Bescherung


der Lebkuchen

Glass ball

die Glaskugel

Holly come Ring

In pagan times, Holly ( die Stechpalme)was believed to have actually magical powers that retained evil spirits away. Christians later on made the a price of Christ\"s crown the thorns. Follow to legend, the holly berries were initially white yet turned red indigenous Christ\"s blood.

English indigenous or Phrase

German Translation


die Stechpalme


der König

Three queens (Wise Men)

die Heiligen Drei Könige, die Weisen


das Kipferl: one Austrian Christmas cookie.


die Beleuchtung

Outdoor lighting

die Außenbeleuchtung


die Lichter


das Marzipan (almond dough candy)

Midnight mass

die Christmette, Mitternachtsmette


die Mistel

Mulled, spiced wine

der Glühwein (\"glow wine\")


die Myrrhe


die Krippe, Krippenbild, dice Geburt Christi


die Nuss (Nüsse)


der Nussknacker

Organ, pipeline organ

die Orgel

Ornaments, ornamentation

die Verzierung, der Schmuck


die Poinsettie, der Weihnachtsstern


das Rentier

Ring (bells)

erklingen, klingeln

Saint Nicholas to Wreath

Saint Nicholas is no Santa Claus or the American \"Saint Nick.\" Dec. 6, the Feast that St. Nicholas, is the work upon which the initial Bishop Nicholas that Myra (now in Turkey) is commemorated and is the day of his fatality in the year 343. He was later on granted sainthood. The GermanSankt Nikolaus, dressed together a bishop, brings gifts on the day.

According come legend, that was likewise Bishop Nicholas who developed the Christmas tradition of hanging stockings by the fireplace. The you re welcome bishop is claimed to have thrown bags the gold because that the poor down the chimney. The bags landed in stockings that had been hung by the fire come dry. This Saint Nicholas legend may likewise partly define the American tradition of Santa coming down the chimney with his bag that gifts.

English indigenous or Phrase

German Translation

Saint Nicholas

der Sankt Nikolaus


das Schaf (-e)


der Hirt (-en), der Schäfer

Silent Night

Stille Nachte



Sled, sleigh, toboggan

der Schlitten

Snow (noun)

der Schnee

Snow (verb)

schneien (It\"s snowing - Es schneit)


der Schneeball


die Schneeflocke


der Schneemann

Snow sled/sleigh

der Schlitten



Snow covered


Stable, stall

der Stall


der Stern

Straw star(s)

der Strohstern (Strohsterne): a classic Christmas decoration made the straw.


das Lametta, der Flitter


das Spielzeug


der Kranz

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