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this is a fully new rifle to me albeit native the 1960\"s. I just bought this together a offered rifle obviously and was wonder if i have a problem. To me it seems that as soon as the lever is completely closed and in the firing place that the so easily will come the end of that position with simply the slightest little of press or a irradiate nudge. Ns am wonder if this is normal or have to it type of lock in the position and also take certain deliberate press to move it the end of that position to begin cycling a round. Go this make sense what ns am asking? i look front to reading your replies, and also especially if lock say thats the way it\"s claimed to be.

I have a Western field model M895 in 22S,L,LR and also the original manufacturer to be Mossberg design 402 perform you have actually a model number top top the barrel that it have the right to be overcome referenced to? The bar on my lever action has a lock feather behind the cause that engauges the lever when closed. If you version rifle had actually the same thing the is feasible that the broke and if for this reason parts can be located from the gunpartscorp. Or numerickarms. Or just hold the lever closed with your hand once shooting, ;D the rifle have to not fire unless the bar is closed.
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The design number is 740A-EMN supposedly this is the Marlin 336 produced montgomery ward in the 1960\"s. The bar does continue to be closed, it just seems to pop open very easily through very tiny pressure. This might or might not be the way it is designed. The bar does not just autumn open or anything like that.

sounds choose the lever is just broken in, you can re-square off the lever and also it will host a little better. Congratulations and also welcome come MO... Now we need pictures. ;D
what specifically do you typical by squaring off the lever? sophisticated if you would certainly please, and also will or need to i watch wear and also tear on a certain component of the lever? ns talked to my father who has actually a lot newer marlin 336, he claims the bar in his takes like 8lbs of press or for this reason to traction the bar from the firing position, mine seems to be favor a pound or less. It doesn\"t seem prefer it will really result the means it fires, but i like things to be 100%. Have to i worry around this? I would love to short article some pics however i cant get my camera come take much less than a 1mb picture, the max limit is 400kb on the forums pages. Anyone have any kind of ideas?

If girlfriend look at the lever, friend will see the tiny spring-loaded finger lever plunger. This is the part that latches the lever to the receiver. It each other a door latch striker and works simply the same. The protruding edge of the plunger demands to be square and also sharp, and yours has likely worn a little smooth. Take it a fine record or hard stone and carefulyy square up the edge. Work a bit at a time, simply a punch or two. Friend can easily make it also sharp and create a bar that takes a hard pull to open up.
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that piece does seem to it is in rounded turn off a bit, do i have to pull the item out that the lever? and also if i do take it out how hard is the to get it ago in?

A pair pics right here at the end,,53495.0.html of a 336W and also a 30TK lever, additionally a link in over there or two that should aid you find the answer you\"re after. Ns think what you desire is the point of that plunger to be simply so, submit too much off the bottom will certainly raise the allude and feasible making it hard to open, top top the other side acquiring the suggest too low and the lever won\"t want to remain latched. Great luck! mr fixit
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that piece does it seems to be ~ to it is in rounded turn off a bit, carry out i have to pull the piece out of the lever? and also if i execute take it out how difficult is it to get it back in?
Protect the bar area roughly the plunger with a little of masking tape and also you can do the submit without disassembly. But disassesmly/reassembly is really easy: just drive out the pin the holds that in ar (and remember the the plunger deserve to fly a how amazing distance once the spring is collection free), and also the plunger and also spring room out. Turning back the procedure, and also it\"s back in.

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i need to agree with Dawei top top the fact that this is in reality a marlin 336. I have actually done much research on the design numbers, and everything comes back as marlin 336, finish with the rubber recoil pad. The exploded illustrations all match up as, execute the sights etc....this is a description provided at \"Westernfield 740A-EMN,30-30 Win., made for Montgomery Wards through Marlin in 1967, This rifle is the 336 Marlin other than for the Westernfield buttpad, factory sling swivels, and the westernfield roll engraving top top the barrel. It has actually the Marlin Micro-Groove barrel, Pistol fixed stock, and also oil perfect american walnut stocks.\"here come is a reference guide for all firearms created for montgomery wards, their linked manufacturer, and model numbers. Actually a fairly nice tiny reference guide. Http:// course this walk not set anything in rock but would love to have everyones intake on even if it is or no this 740a-EMN by western ar is in reality the marlin 336 ns think it is.