Mech point of view Wings have actually a head items counterpart, the Mech point of view Helmet. The rarely Mech point of view Wings were sold in Jam Mart garments for rarely Item Monday on might 21, 2012. It is feasible that these could have been influenced by the Greek legend of Icarus and Daedalus. May 21, 2012 a rare Mech angel Wings! It"s non-member!! finally AJHQ understand what us want! give thanks to you AJHQ! save Jaming and also Stay out from Scammers making use of the profession list! The feather Mech point of view Wings room a non-member land clothes item. They were an initial released on April 26, 2018, and were previously sold in ~ Jam Mart Clothing. The spring Mech angel Wings space very comparable to the Mech angel Wings, back the wings space pink and also the knobs and also string room light yellow, with the connectors being a light-green color. Jan 10, 2019 purchase or attain your items and wolf. Together a reminder, wings room in Jam Mart Clothing, blow up angel wing are offered at the steeds Only Party (you need a member steed to enter) and also freedom wing (red, white and blue versions of regular wings) and also Mech point of view wings are obtained through adventure chests on tough mode, animal gates or the chest top top the peak of sky High, this might take some time. Mech angel Helmets space worth small to nothing together they room a Starter Animal"s Treasure hunt prize. Exact same with Aura stone Crown. Rare Homemade Wings are worth a negative RIM (Rare item Monday item). Basically an item with a "Rare" sign that has low demand. Heart Wand and Futuristic Head Phones are both seasonal items.

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Have you ever wanted come look favor a mechanical robot in pet Jam? By wearing the Mech point of view Helmet & Wings, you will certainly not just look choose a robot, but additionally like one angel!
The Mech angel Helmet was an initial released during the beta trial and error phase of animal Jam. You can buy it in ~ Jam Mart Clothing. The helmet go on clearance, and also shortly after, it was eliminated from the game. The Mech point of view Wings was an initial released in 2012, but was not sold in any shops. You can still attain the wings together rewards by completing different adventures.
In the photos above, you can see what the Mech point of view Helmet & wing look like. Also if the items weren’t released in the same time period, they enhance when worn together. The Helmet has a tiara-like design, fits around the head and also has feathers sticking the end on both sides. The wings consists of a harness that you have the right to wear, and has 2 wings on each side.

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Both the Mech angel Helmet and Wings have a full of nine various varieties, including a rarely Item Monday variation each. They every come in countless different colors, and also can be matched fine together, if bought together a set. Let’s take a closer look in ~ the different accessible varieties.