Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 Facts around Seto Kaiba friend Didn't recognize As Yugi"s arch-rival, Seto Kaiba dram a huge function in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. Here are some interesting facts about Blue Eyes" owner.

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an initial depicted together an all-out villain, and also later as the clever anti-hero, Seto Kaiba is a fan-favorite personality of the world-wide Yu-Gi-Oh! phenomenon. He"s also experienced arguably the highest possible amount the character breakthrough in the entire series, serving as the means of communicating some of the show"s most an useful life lessons. That"s why we"re happy the manga"s creator Kazuki Takahashi decided to stick v the character and make him among the show"s protagonists, despite initially intending otherwise.

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Here"s what us know around Seto Kaiba: The present depicts him as a brilliant, self-serving, and arrogant multi-millionaire organization owner through a passion for gamings (that is, winning). Seto"s tiny brother, Mokuba, complies with him in ~ every step and also is possibly the only human Seto originally cares about. Orphaned together a child, Seto struggles to prove himself and also fights to get what the believes is rightfully his, overthrowing his stepfather and also acquiring KaibaCorp for himself. He has an limitless ego and also a thirst to prove his superiority come everyone, no issue the cost.

However, today, us take a look at at some of the lesser-known facts around this prominent character, delving right into his history, inspirations, and motives for his actions. These are the 10 things you didn"t know about Seto Kaiba.

Inspired and thought come be produced by Seto Kaiba himself, Kaibaman is an interesting monster card numerous fans most likely remember from the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game. After Jaden and also his friends go into the Duel monsters Spirit civilization through a portal in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, the very same card shows up together a personality voiced by the very same actor who portrayed Seto Kaiba.

Kaibaman sports a distinctive look at eerily memory of a long-haired Seto Kaiba, put on a Blue-Eyes White Dragon helmet and Duel Disk. Also his apparel are similar to those worn by Kaiba at the battle City competition in the initial anime. Notably, Kaibaman is the second character come beat Jaden Yuki in a duel, following Zane Truesdale.

abandoned in an orphanage as a small child, along with his tiny brother Mokuba, Seto Kaiba never learns the identification of his actual father. Therefore, neither sibling knows the household they come from. The last surname the 2 take belongs to a tycoon who adopted them ~ Seto shown immense strategic ability by beating the previous in a video game of chess.

This conundrum continues through the entire run the Yu-Gi-Oh! without any type of clues listed as to who Seto"s and Mokuba"s genuine family can be.

Kaiba"s favorite and most an effective cards, the Blue-Eyes White Dragons, were in reality stolen - all 3 of them. Ago in the an initial season that Yu-Gi-Oh!, we uncover out that there room only 4 of these cards in existence. Kaiba own three, while the fourth is in the possession that Yugi"s grandfather. According to the initial Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, Kaiba - a genius millionaire, businessman, and also heir to KaibaCorp - figured the best he could do through his money and also power was chase down the initial owners the the Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards and force them right into bankruptcy or suicide, every so he would certainly be more powerful in a map game.

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Regardless of just how much sense that makes, the truth that that owned three of the most an effective cards in the game (the preferably number which can be contained in a deck) wasn"t enough for Kaiba. Since he was conscious one Blue-Eyes White Dragon was still out there, his ego did not allow him to risk an additional one of this cards being used versus him, therefore Seto directly up tore the fourth one in half, after winning that from Yugi"s grandfather.

7 at first, Kaiba has completely green hair

Toei"s Yu-Gi-Oh! to be the an initial anime adaptation that the manga and started airing on October 1998. Although that never acquired an English dub, many fans quiet remember it as either season 1 or season 0 of Yu-Gi-Oh!. In addition to different personality developments, appearances, and fully different voice actors, a notable difference in between the original anime and also the later Duel Monsters series was Kaiba"s hair, i m sorry was completely green.

During the fight City tournament in the Duel Monsters anime, the characters are thrown into the virtual civilization where they meet Gozaburo Kaiba"s actual son, Noah. The boy was an exceedingly shining student and heir come KaibaCorp till he experienced a horrible car accident in ~ the period of 12, which led to his mind gift programmed into a computer. In a claimed effort to do him much more intimidating and also reminiscent the the story"s anti-villain Seto Kaiba, the writers offered him a green-haired look influenced by Kaiba in the initial show.

If friend think about it, Seto Kaiba never lost a same duel, making him legitimately the ideal duelist in the series. From the begin of the series, he is introduced as a self-proclaimed top-ranking duelist; in ~ least, until Yugi teaches him a lesson and Pegasus embarrasses Seto even further. However, these room the just two individuals who to win Kaiba in a legit duel, and also what execute they have actually in common? That"s right, the millennium items. Pegasus" Millennium Eye permits him come read various other people"s minds, make him essentially unbeatable, while Yugi invokes a heart of a 5000-year old Pharaoh to aid him, making it two versus one.

Seto"s various other two losses were consisted of in the anime"s filler episodes, for this reason they room not legitimate. In a duel against Noah, Kaiba decides to lose on objective to save Mokuba, when in his duel through Yugi against Dartz, he sacrifices self so Yugi might gain an ext life points and finish Dartz off.

5 In One Day, Seto converted a $10,000,000 firm share right into a hundred times that amount

Seto"s stepfather Gozaburo increased Seto on the belief that he"ll eventually inherit their enormous Family enterprise referred to as KaibaCorp. One day, as a date of birth gift, Seto was provided a 2% re-superstructure of the company (which was claimed to be worth $10 million in the anime) top top a promise that he is come return the money within one year, hundredfold.

If that failed, both Seto and Mokuba would certainly be sent back to the orphanage. Seto, gift a cunning and also brilliant strategist, regulated to carry out so in one solitary day. He allegedly did this by recognize a smaller agency that deep cares around its employees and buying the out. That then offered the owner"s sentiment versus him and threatened to shut under the company (leaving the employee on the streets) uneven he would buy it back from that a hundred times the price. In the English dub, the amount Seto to be to return was toned under from 100 come 10 times, do the whole case a tad more realistic.

after Seto proved he was more apt at leading KaibaCorp 보다 his stepfather, Seto decided to overthrow him. Seto provided the truth that his stepfather treated his subordinates, additionally known together the big Five, poorly and promised to it is in kinder. Together, they had actually a combined shareholder value of 49%. Kaiba also made certain his stepfather was conscious of his plans to fall him, so he allow his little brother Mokuba (owning 2% the the company) snitch on him and also make his stepfather believe he is on his side.

However, Seto knew what he to be doing and Mokuba voted because that his brother, permitting him to master a merged 51% agency share and overthrow his Gozaburo. In the occasions of the initial manga, Gozaburo committed self-destruction by cram himself the end of the window.

3 Seto Kaiba is voiced by the same voice actor together Pokemon"s Brock Harrison

Seto Kaiba is voiced by voice-actor Eric Stuart, that is likewise the voice the the lovable and also friendly Brock Harrison indigenous Pokémon. This goes because that the 4Kids TV adaptations dubbed in English.

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The guy additionally voiced a ton of other high-profile anime characters, such as Yu-Gi-Oh! GX"s Bastion, Dinosaur King"s Dr. Z, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal"s Jinlon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Hamato Yoshi, and was even the narrator because that the notorious 4Kids dub the One Piece.

gift a brilliant engineer and also programmer, Seto Kaiba was able to construct a unique and innovative video clip game software application he to plan to usage for Duel Monsters. His setup had constantly been to revolve KaibaCorp right into a gaming software advancement company after he inherited it, and also creating a an individual theme park referred to as Kaiba Land.

In the manga, Seto learns that his dad intends to use this progressed software for war. Seto is horrified and also disappointed to learn that every his stepfather cares about is beating his rivals and also gaining power. Ironically, Seto would turn out the same means only a couple of years later.

1 Inspired by a real human being & an Egyptian god

The manga"s creator Kazuki Takahashi explained that the idea for the character of Seto Kaiba pertained to fruition after one uncomfortable encounter v an arrogant card game collector. The person refused to teach Takahashi the rule to a card video game stating that he might return once he had built up 10 000 cards. In Yu-Gi-Oh!, we view an almost identical step play out between Seto Kaiba and Jonouchi (future Joey Wheeler) ~ above the pages that the original manga.

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When the idea for Kaiba came to be, his name might have to be taken from the Egyptian god Seth (pronounced "Seto" in Japanese), who was often shown as violent, deceitful, and also in conflict with the god Horus. The was also often displayed carrying a scepter, much like the Millennium Rod the Kaiba"s old counterpart, monk Seto, bear in the manga.