Chickens are typical passive mobs in Minecraft that have the right to be bred to harvest feathers, eggs, and also raw chicken. They have actually a white body, small yellow legs, wings that will flap anytime they room falling or jumping end a block, and red wattles under their mouths. They will wander aimlessly in the world yet will stop falling off of cliffs. Players can hear the chicken when it is idly cucking or ~ above laying an egg. To breed chickens, gather 2 chickens by leading them into your pen if holding seeds. Then, feed each of this chicken seed till hearts, signaling successful breeding, start to appear.

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Chickens are the easiest animals to breed since seeds are more plentiful 보다 wheat and also they create eggs that can be thrown to do chicks. Chickens have one that the lowest health values in the game, beat only by miscellaneous fish. Chicken eggs are supplied to make different food items in the game like cake or pumpkin pie.

Adult Chickens: Two full Hearts, baby Chicks: One full HeartAdult Chickens: 0-2 Feathers, 1 raw Chicken, baby Chicks: NothingAdult Chickens: Grass blocks through light level 7 or higher, infant Chicks: Grass blocks through light level 7 or higher.Adult Chickens: 1-3 EXP orbs, infant Chicks: Nothing


Chickens have a white human body and little yellow legs. They likewise have red wattles under your mouths.

They additionally have wing that will flap at any time they room falling or jumping end a block. If you are close sufficient to a chicken you deserve to hear the chicken idly clucking. Baby chicks are similar to adult chickens, just much smaller.


Chickens will certainly wander aimlessly but will avoid falling off of cliffs. This is exciting as chickens room immune to fall damage, flailing their wings as they gradually descend come the ground. If damaged the chicken will certainly run quickly away native the resource of the damage. If a chicken is in a loaded chunk the chicken will certainly lay one egg every 5-10 minutes. If the player is close sufficient to the chicken you can hear one audible “pop” sound describe an egg was laid nearby.


If you room holding any kind of seeds, the chicken will certainly look at and also follow you till you obtain too far away or rest the line of sight.

How come Breed chickens in Minecraft

There room two means you can breed chickens in Minecraft. If you have actually a chicken in a pen you have the right to wait for it come lay an egg. Every egg you throw has a ⅛ chance of spawning a chick.

If you control to find two chickens you can feed them both any kind of seeds in the video game to have actually them start breeding


If the seed is in the in-game name, you can feed it come chickens. Feeding baby chicken seeds will accelerate their expansion by 10%.

How to Tame a Chicken in Minecraft

Unfortunately, over there is no method to tame a chicken and have it monitor you around and also sit choose you deserve to with a wolf. You can hold seed to have surrounding chickens follow you, but they will shed interest as soon as you walk away or break the heat of sight.

The best you deserve to do is set up a pen and lead the chickens right into it. Be careful that foxes execute not acquire in her pen!


Do thrown eggs inflict damage?

Thrown eggs carry out no damage but will aggro-neutral mobs. Similar to snowballs, they space not very good for fighting but can do for a funny multiplayer suffer by throwing eggs at each other. You can throw chicken eggs into your chicken coop without worry, the chickens hit by the eggs will certainly run and seem favor they take it damage, but thrown eggs will deal zero mind of damage.

What execute you feed chicken in Minecraft?

Chickens will eat any type of kind of seeds in the game. Feeding chickens seeds are just how you breed chickens and get a chicken farm started.

Do chicken lay egg in the nether?

Chickens will certainly lay egg in the nether. Chickens lay egg every 5-10 minutes you can keep chickens in the nether if girlfriend want.

It appears nothing have the right to stop the wonder of life.

What wake up if you offer a chicken a diamond in Minecraft?

You cannot provide a chicken a diamond. There to be an April Fool’s event in the Java edition of Minecraft that rarely resulted in a diamond chicken come spawn instead of a regular chicken. This chicken would lay diamonds and also lapis lazuli rather of eggs however would explode if aggroed.

How high can chickens run in Minecraft?

Chickens are able to run one block in height. They can not jump over fences that it is registered as one and a fifty percent blocks high. A chicken can loss from the sky and safely soil on bedrock as chickens do not take fall damage.

Did girlfriend know?

In radical Edition, baby zombies will certainly search out adjacent chickens to ride them into battle. While a baby zombie is riding a chicken, the chicken will move at the rate of the baby zombie. In the java edition, some baby zombies will certainly spawn already riding a chicken.

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Foxes will strike any adjacent chickens and can jump greater than the one and a half blocks that fences! store your chicken contained and your pen’s walls high to prevent foxes native massacring your chickens.

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