Dilbert: I unnecessarily duplicated Ted"s work because you forgot you asked both of us to do the same task.

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Pointy-Haired Boss: And how about Alice?.

Alice: You"re three for three.

What does three for three mean here, or how can I parse it? She did the same task also?

I have not managed to find a definition for three for three, but apparently two for two comes from baseball and means "successful at both attempts".

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asked Mar 25 "19 at 9:00

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(number) for (number) simply means "you were successful (number) attempts out of (number) attempts"

So you could be "seven for nine" or any other combination, athough it is rarely used that way outside of sports like baseball.

In this case Dilbert basically said "Ted and I were asked the same thing so we did the thing twice" and Alice said "actually all three of us were asked the same thing and all three did the thing"

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answered Mar 25 "19 at 9:04

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