I i think it method "I"ll record up with you later" or miscellaneous of the sort, but I feel the "circle" suggests some type of redundancy or endlessness loop of checking in on me. Is that right?


Ask him what he means! If my boss claimed that come me I'd wonder if it's a new line in buzzword bingo, is he a weirdo? or maybe he's a pathological vulture??
According to the BeeDictionary, "circle around" method to move roughly in a circular motion. The does indicate redundancy or endlessness doesn"t it?

In the instance of your boss saying "with", it type of transforms the definition a bit. It means that you space the one act the circling around, and that the ceo will join you in your circuit later on (hence, the "catch-up" meaning).

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By "circling around" the boss doesn"t mean unlimited or meaningless wandering, yet rather he method by what you execute everyday, your regular tasks and jobs or errands etc. Thus, he would join you later in stimulate to capture up v you.


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