BCNUBritish Columbia Nurses’ Union (Canada)
BCNUBe Seein\" You
BCNUBacteria regulated Nursing Unit

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We then tried come attenuate the protective impact of DMF preincubation by a simultaneous exposure that the cell to glutamate, i m sorry in these cells inhibits cystine import and also therefore leader to glutathione depletion, and BCNU. We observed only a really minor, not statistically far-ranging reduction in viability in cell treated with 100 M BCNU.

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It has advantages over the existing drugs such together BCNU, together it is took in intact after ~ oral administration and has great bio-distribution.
Most health treatment workers that belonged come unions no in the HSSFSBA, chiefly BCNU and also HSA, and also who were no classified as essential, did not cross the picket lines, and many joined them.
Neoliberalism and also working-class resistance in brothers Columbia: the hospital employees\" union Struggle, 2002-2004
Though council can not directly remove her together president they had actually the power, i m sorry they endangered to use, to remove her membership in the BCNU, i beg your pardon would have made her instantly ineligible because that the office that president.
To uncover an alternative means to boost the efficacy of 3 agents (BCNU, 5-FU and MTX), we examined the an unified effects the D-fraction and these agents.
Escherichia coli mutants (alkA tag), which absence Aag activity, are exceptionally sensitive to death in the existence of monofunctional (for example, methylmethanesulfonate) and complex (for example, BCNU) alkylating agents (Evensen & Seeberg 1982; Clarke et al.
Se puede realizar con mecloretamina (NM) o carmustica (BCNU), con tasas de respuesta elevadas con ambos regimenes.
DTI-015 is a distinct product that consists of the chemotherapeutic drug carmustine, also known as BCNU, dissolved in absolute ethanol.
Gliadel wafers are plastic chips, loaded with a chemotherapy medication referred to as BCNU. They room implanted in the mind cavity after ~ tumor removal, where they degrade slowly, releasing medication gradually as castle disintegrate.

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