I’m trying to adapt a recipe because that mämmi that involves mixing mix a mix of malt+regular flour through boiling water in a 1:2 proportion (by weight) and also need to know whether the allude is to prevent the enzymes or to encourage their action.

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Overall that is add 3 parts boiling water come 1 part malt, climate 2 parts continual flour, turn off the heat. Mix and let sit.



Yes, heating to cook temperature will ruin amylase.

Depending ~ above the ratio, the goal of the recipe may be to damage the enzymes, to gelatin the starch, or to help the enzyme be many effective. The not unusual for specifically old and also traditional recipes to use a mix of boil water, ice-cold water, and room-temperature ingredient to with a details temperature, together the proportion of input will recognize the last temperature pretty accurately there is no a need for a thermometer. If the water come malt/grain ratio is about 1:1 by mass, the would placed the enzymes at their optimum temperature for converting starch to sugar. If the a lot more water than malt/grain (again, through mass) climate the purpose is more likely to deactivate the enzyme and/or gel the starch.


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