I have actually several price quotes of late-19th-century decided (by brothers men) which usage the abbreviation "d-d" for a word. I"m not certain what it means, yet from the context i assume this is profanity of some sort.

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Here"s an example:

It was you brought me increase this d-d hill.

Any ideas?


The word right here really is “damned”. The OED, in an entry that seems to have been created in 1894 and not to be updated since then, has actually this definition of the word:

Used profanely as a strong expression the reprehension or dislike, or as a just intensive. Now usually printed ‘d——d’.

This to be a pretty common way for vulgar native to be censored in the 1800s. Girlfriend will also see “c—t” (cunt) and “b——y” (bloody).


Turning Dan Bron"s comments right into an answer:

It method damned. The profanity was thought about unfit to publish at the time.

This is very plausible come me, yet there doesn"t show up to it is in a written source for it. We could be unlikely to discover one:

It’s no an abbreviation, that a redaction. 19th C authors were large on redaction (believe they believed it lent an waiting of authenticity). So you’re no going to discover this spelled out in any dictionary, and any examples I can show you will have the same problem you currently have with your examples: the word is purposely redacted, for this reason we’re left to infer what it way from context. The not like the author is going to redact it and also then leave a footnote saying “by this, I supposed damned”.

I would imagine that someone probably documented this in ~ some suggest (maybe in a 19th C layout manual), however one would certainly be hard-pressed to discover it.

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