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The different interpretations of You’re welcome

Welcoming who or replying v a welcome gesture is common in various cultures and in different languages including English and French. Today, the has become commonplace, come say you’re welcome not only as a reply to say thanks to you.

In once Did ‘You’re Welcome’ become a Gloat?, an article published in the brand-new York times Magazine, that is reported just how politicians, commercials, sporting activities players, and also comedians have been making use of “you’re welcome” creatively.

Lorsqu’une personne dit merci, la manière la plus an easy de répondre est : de rien.

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Cela fonctionne dans presque tous les varieties de situations.Découvrez les choices pour dire de rien en français, l’équivalent de she welcome en anglais. #learnfrenchhttps://t.co/4jz6dOTKY6 pic.twitter.com/brEyvQGm9p

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