Egg on Your confront Meaning

Definition: To feel embarrassed; to have made a stupid of oneself.

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Origin of Egg on your Face

This expression very first appeared in mid-20th-century America. It conveniently made its means into British speech as well.

Its precise origin is unclear. Resources speculate that it could come from eating eggs, and also having few of the food stuck to one’s face in an embarrassing way.

Others think it could come indigenous the theater, once angry audience members threw rotten food, such together eggs, at poor performers.

No issue the origin, the connotation is the same. The have egg on her face is to have actually made an embarrassing error or blunder. It indicates making an error in public, due to the fact that making an error in personal isn’t embarrassing.

Examples the Egg on her Face

This instance shows 2 college students making use of the idiom while mentioning their past weekend.

Frank: therefore what did you do over the weekend?

Karl: no much. I went the end on Friday night and also embarrassed myself so bad that i didn’t desire to go out again.

Frank: Really? What happened?

Karl: ns was at a party, and I somehow locked myself in the bathroom and also couldn’t get out. Ns don’t know exactly how it happened. Anyway, everyone discovered out and also was making funny of me. I lastly was may be to acquire out, however after that occurred I didn’t want to risk acquiring egg on my confront for the second time in one weekend. I simply stayed house all work on Saturday and also Sunday.

In this example, two friends room talking around an aer meeting among them went to.

Lily: i’m sorry! i really messed up in ~ the meeting!

Grace: five no! What happened?

Lily: Well, it started out quite well, yet after it to be over, I thought I’d make part chit chat v Samantha. I experienced she was pregnant, so ns asked her once her baby was due.

Grace: And?

Lily: and also she told me she wasn’t pregnant. She just gained some weight. I don’t know why I always have egg on mine face!

More Examples

The excerpt below is around a popular music star that tried to ruin property. This to be an embarrassing event for him.

This excerpt is around a U.S. Attorney that is having trouble win his cases. This is poor for his reputation.

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Summary: To have actually an Egg on her Face

The phrase to have actually egg top top your challenge means that you did something embarrassing that made friend look silly or ridiculous.


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