Ownership can be perceived in countless different ways. Some think of ownership as a poor thing, while others think that it together a good thing. Before someone can establish their ideas on what is good and bad, the true an interpretation of what they space being ased need to be understood. This controversial concern of whether ownership is optimistic or an adverse brings up a much much more important question, “What go it mean to own something?”. Property is defined regarding have possession of something.

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I think ownership and also sense of self are combined together. Ns think they walk hand in hand through each other merely due to the fact that one can own much more than simply a physics object, but and ideas, thoughts, skills, and also knowledge.

Just as the famous twentieth-century philosopher, Jean-Paul Sarte, ns too believe that property extends much farther 보다 tangible objects, however to intangible points as well. Together intangible points include, thoughts and also ideas. Just you deserve to think the an original idea or thought.


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Nobody have the right to put it right into your head. No one have the right to hear your thoughts besides yourself, which do them yours. This sense of ownership extends physics objects, and involves me ownership. One’s me ownership additionally gives a feeling of identity. The thoughts and also ideas one “owns”, specifies them and also is their feeling of self. Not only does the property of thoughts and also ideas provide one through a sense of your self, but as well as an abilities or understanding one may obtain. Sarte believed that when one becomes competent in a ability or knows something thoroughly, it means that castle “own” that ability or knowledge.

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An experience I have confronted that helps me to support and also believe in this idea, is as soon as I joined the volleyball team in ~ my high school. I spent the whole summer practicing volleyball at open gym, boosting my an abilities and preparing because that tryouts the were shortly to come. When tryouts finally arrived i was no much longer nervous and I reliable myself to perform well. This was because I had become much much more knowledgeable around the sport and I “owned” the level of ability I had worked for and also needed to make it ~ above the team. Ns realized that ns was no longer trying to become a volleyball player, but I was one. The skill I have to play volleyball often defines me, whether someone is asking around myself or watch me in uniform. The skills and expertise you attain become her identity, and also this is an additional example of how the connection between ownership and also sense that self space so intertwined.

I believe ownership of tangible items likewise determines one’s feeling of self. Some argue the ownership the tangible items room bad, while others believe they space good. Even if it is someone see it together being great or bad, it is tho true. In today’s society, image is everything. Society classes are based upon how much you own and also identity is based upon image. I don’t totally agree with the discussion made through Plato, stating the owning objects is detrimental come a person’s character, since at the finish of the work objects can be bring away away. Ns think the owning objects deserve to only end up being detrimental to a person’s character if one becomes much more interested in what rather think and try to store up one image much more than your own an individual character. Ns think civilization can get captured up in photo and become materialistic and selfish, this exposes what type of person one is, giving insight to one’s sense of self.

On the other hand, owning tangible objects could also assist to develop moral character, together Aristotle had said. I immediately supported this idea together I looked down and saw the bracelet i wear top top my appropriate wrist everyday. This bracelet is called a kara. I have actually owned a kara all of my life, and also it offer a spiritual purpose to recognize myself together a Sikh. This tangible object has actually helped me together a constant reminder because that my morals, discipline, and religious faith. The is the tangible objects choose my kara that aid to develop moral character. My kara is an identification item that shows everyone what religion I follow, which screens how tangible items determine ourselves.

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The relationship between ownership and sense of self is a really close one. I believe that both the tangible and intangible points in life define ourselves. Ns feel that world go to points such as tangible objects and also intangible things such as thoughts, ideas, skills, and knowledge to not only determine themselves, but “own” themselves and their identities.

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