It’s to be widely welcomed that women room usually more verbally expressive once it concerns showing your affection. And also while that deserve to be downright misleading and also stereotypical since there are definitely androgynous women that go versus that social norm, language still continues to be a usual thread come express what we desire in every its symbolism, directness, and also everything in between. Below are 8 unit volume women usually say once they space really right into you:


2. You deserve to talk to me.

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If she claims this, it way that she wants to be your listening ear. She’s reflecting you the you have the right to be your true self and also that she i will not ~ hold any judgment versus what you expose to her. The a method of structure trust in between the two of friend to form a closer bond.

When ns tell a man that he can talk come me about anything, I execute it to do it clear that not only am i someone he can vent to or go to because that his problems, however I also want to show him that I’m solid enough to handle whatever he chooses to dish out, whether it’s a harsh fact or a perplexing secret. I express this phrase as a means of demonstrating mine reliability. Basically, it way that I’m selecting to placed up v someone’s unnecessary difficulties.


4. I miss you.

By informing you that she misses you, it suggests that she feeling deeply around you. This, however, is no the case if you just receive late night messages from her (yes, contradictory to what culture feeds us as males being predominantly the players, females are additionally just as qualified of using the no-strings-attached card). But, if you’re away on holidays or a service trip, and also she speak you that she misses you, climate it go to show that your absence is noticed and it affects her.

For part reason, personally, it’s much easier for me come tell family and also friends that I miss them. But, once it concerns my romantic interest, I tend to freeze up. Ns wonder if it’s embedded in me being stubborn and also having too much pride. Basically, if I have the guts to tell who I’m date that I miss out on him, climate it’s a pretty large deal. Because that me, anyway.


6. You typical a lot come me.

If she tells you this, climate it way that you’ve left a deep impression top top her. Expressing come someone that you typical a lot to she goes to display that she not just anybody. Yet rather, you someone special to her. I usually only reserve this phrase for the civilization I care deeply for. If I watch that human as a friend, ns usually affix the indigenous “friend” come the end. But, if ns interested in someone romantically, I prefer to speak it alone there is no anything rather attached to it.


8. I like/love/am in love through you.

This is the most apparent one. By choosing to be bold and upfront using this phrase, it method that she’s willing to placed herself in a position where feelings can not it is in reciprocated. And also yet, she’s selecting to express she feelings freely towards friend regardless, because you’ve left together a strong impression top top her.

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There have actually been moments once I was the first one come say it, and most of those times have actually left me wanting to vomit. That nerve-wracking! But, when I’m right into someone, my fears don’t have actually a chance of winning versus the vessel I find out to build up. It is the thing about having strong feelings for someone —you pressure yourself out of your very own comfort zone, since you can not imagine affording to not be brave because that them.